Yellow Diamond Rings at King of Jewelry Offer Unique Beauty

Before you find the right ring with which to express your love, you’ll no doubt need to look over a large number of diamond engagement rings, likely of various styles, cuts, colors. However, when you do finally find the perfect ring for yourself and your significant other, there’s little doubt it will be available through King of Jewelry.

At King of Jewelry, our princess cut engagement rings offer a modern twist on a timeless symbol of love. First developed in the 1960s, princess cut diamond rings have extra faceting that provide natural scintillation and enhanced fire, due to the average of 76 facets on most princess cut stones. Amazingly, our princess cut diamonds are not only stunning from every angle, but the cutting methods are actually more economical than most, making an above average cut, color, clarity and carat well within many modest budgets.

No doubt you can remember the moment you fell in love with your special someone. Since the moment you met, she always had a way of standing out from the crowd, and she deserves an engagement ring that is as exceptional as she is. At King of Jewelry, our Canary rings provide the perfect mix of eye-catching dazzle and ageless perfection. Featuring various styles including cushion, asscher and radiant cut among others, these yellow diamond engagement rings will show your love just how unique she appears in your eyes.

For questions about any of the diamonds in our collection contact King of Jewelry today and we’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly representatives.