Antique Engagement Rings

Many women are drawn to antique engagement rings because they are beautiful, classic pieces. Instantly recognizable, this kind of jewelry has truly stood the test of time. However, actual antique diamond engagement rings are rare and generally costly. Because of this scarcity, finding a wide-ranging selection of antique rings is practically impossible. So, many smart shoppers are creating their own engagement rings designed in the antique style with King of Jewelry.

King of Jewelry, a prominent jewelry retailer in the Los Angeles Diamond District since 1990, has the expertise and selection to help you design your own engagement ring. Perhaps your bride-to-be has always wanted her grandmother's vintage ring but it has been lost to time. Well, you can bring in photographs of it to King of Jewelry and emulate its design. If you happen to have the ring, King of Jewelry can resize, repair, and reinforce it, too.

Maybe your future fiancée's tastes just skew to the classic style. Antique engagement rings tend to be in the art deco style, with a well-structured, decorative diamond placed on an ageless band. Generally, a solitaire diamond style is used. Yet, you could always use the art deco style as a starting point, design your own band, and truly craft unique diamond engagement rings.

If you're feeling a little lost in the hunt for the perfect ring, then definitely consider something in the vein of antique engagement rings. King of Jewelry offers friendly, knowledgeable professional consulting if you need even more guidance. Do not hesitate to ask; reach out to them today at (888) 349-8299 or at


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