Avalon Jewelry

If you happen to visit jewelry stores in Los Angeles, you will find various kinds of jewelry. They are very beautiful and can appeal to any Avalon jewelry shopper as they find beauty in every store. Most special pieces are diamonds, which can be the main symbol of love for a special person in one’s life. Or, diamonds are also the best for celebrating the mark of a personal anniversary.

Some Avalon jewelry is very unique when made with the combination of platinum or gold which are set with precious stones, including diamonds. They are all handmade by very experienced jewelry artisans in many materials. There are some stores which have been around for more than two decades, like King of Jewelry, whose staff is full of jewelry and watch repair experts.

These diamond rings in Los Angeles are the most wanted ones because they can be used for any special occasion. For those seeking a fine jeweler, King of Jewelry provides a massive array of very unique, elegant diamond pieces along with wonderful contemporary pieces on consignment. Their services include repairs and sizing, engraving, stone setting, and a lot more. Their consignment services also include selling clients’ jewelry which may be broken or hard to sell.

Let our high class diamonds amaze you with their sparkle and sheen, great for any serious Avalon jewelry shopper. All of their Los Angeles jewelry is especially designed for those who are in the market for state of the art diamond cuts, colors, and designs. For further information related to our products, services, and creating brand new or custom design diamond rings, contact us at 888-349-8299 or go to You can also have a live chat online with our customer service for a fast answer.

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