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There are lots of explanations why people buy diamond engagement rings online these days. Some may want the flexibility available in online stores. Some may want to save money. Some even may just not want to travel to the store of their choice. Regardless of the reasons, going to King of Jewelry's online store for your Bell jewelry is a good way to obtain convenience and save money. You'll save more here than at your local Bell jewelry shop for sure. This is because King of Jewelry is located in the Los Angeles Diamond District. This section of town is where most of America's jewelry comes from. Many venders, jewelry designers, wholesalers, importers, and high-class fashionistas reside in this area. As such, King of Jewelry has access to the best diamonds available at any time at the lowest prices.

Because King of Jewelry is located in such a vibrant Los Angeles jewelry community, they know the importance of cut, color, clarity, and carat and where they fit into current jewelry trends. Purchasing the most fashionable diamonds for their Bell jewelry clients in large quantities means that they can pass this value onto the customer. For shoppers in Pasadena, Beverly Hills, or Arcadia, jewelry at King of Jewelry simply cannot be beat. Come visit King of Jewelry for high-grade diamonds with top-notch service. If you're operating your own jewelry business, then ask about our wholesale diamonds. They're incredibly affordable, perfect for any blossoming jeweler. Learn more at or by phoning us at 888-349-8299.

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