Build Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring

As someone with real class, it might be a good idea to build your own diamond engagement ring. When you’re the type of person who prefers antique furniture to new furniture, or prefers music that maybe doesn’t get played all the time on the radio, these are signs that you have taste that requires its own special engagement ring. For you, there may be a perfect engagement ring style, but it may not exist yet. Working with the craftspeople at King of Jewelry, the trusted downtown Los Angeles Jeweler, it’s possible to bring your sense of taste and refinement to your engagement ring. You can come in and choose from a wide range of loose diamonds, and trust that your final arrangement will be of the utmost quality. Build your own diamond engagement ring, and you’ll be sure it fits your taste.

These diamonds are absolutely breathtaking. Design your own diamond ring with one from this collection and you’ll have the perfect piece of jewelry. Pulling an individual diamond from the collection and inspecting it for beauty and quality is a pleasure we don’t think should be reserved for jewelers. Come in and see what it’s like to have a diamond call out to you. You’ll know the right diamond when you see it.

Next, although your final ring will reflect the exact specifications that befit someone of your individuality and taste, the arrangement of your build-your-own diamond engagement ring will be yours and yours alone. It will however be put in place by a craftsperson of the highest skill in order to best reflect your taste. After all, your taste in fiancée is an indication of your refinement; why should your engagement ring be any different?

King of Jewelry