Design Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring

Jewelry enthusiasts sometimes worry that a stone that’s too big will be seen as a costume piece, and paradoxically that something small, however classy will be perceived as cheap. Neither worry is really valid when you shop for jewelry in Los Angeles at King of Jewelry, the most trusted name in Los Angeles diamond engagement rings. However, when you design your own diamond engagement ring, there’s even less to worry about; your design will befit your personality every time, and no matter which diamond you choose, no one will mistake your choice for lack of refinement, because you’ll have imbued your custom diamond engagement ring with your unique taste.

The size of the diamond, or indeed multiple diamonds, chosen for your ring when you build your own diamond engagement ring will not be an issue at King of Jewelry. Here we have one of the largest collections of loose diamonds available anywhere in southern California. These are some of the finest pieces not yet chosen for an arrangement, but no less suited to one. In fact, your engagement ring will be all the more special when you design your own diamond engagement ring, because you looked into the range of possibilities, and chose the stone that called out to you.

When you design your own diamond engagement ring, your individual personality, and the stone of your choice will finally be arranged in the way of your choosing by one of our highly trained jewelers. Your style will shine through in the final product: a ring that will turn heads, and attract the right kind of attention.

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