Diamond Engagement Rings Los Angeles

Only one place has a reputation for the best diamond engagement rings in Los Angeles: King of Jewelry. There’s nothing quite like our selection of diamonds, ranging from solitaire diamonds reflecting classic taste and elegance, and symbolizing undying love, to canary diamonds with their striking contrast of yellow and clear colors, arrange in more complex settings with multiple stones.  This is truly a remarkable selection with a dizzying array of styles.

When customers come into our store looking for diamond engagement rings in Los Angeles, we often refer them to our huge and wide-ranging collection of loose diamonds. The perfect diamond engagement ring for you might not exist yet. It can be a pleasure to find a stone that makes your heart sing, and then find it a home in one of our custom diamond engagement ring settings. On the other hand you might want to simply add one of our fabulous loose stones to your collection.

We have a well-informed staff waiting to make you into a well-informed and satisfied customer. We’re not content until you walk out of our store with the ring of your dreams. You won’t know just how good that diamond will feel on your finger until you come in and try it on. So if you have any questions about diamond engagement rings in Los Angeles, please come in or contact us directly.

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