Diamond Rings from King of Jewelry Cherish History and Tradition

Our society truly cherishes history, whether it is through appreciating cultural conventions or specific family traditions. Engagement and wedding rings are no different; many people truly love vintage-inspired pieces because of what it says about our heritage. Items like halo engagement rings that harken back to the Art Deco movement or classic-style Benchmark wedding rings that use cultural iconography, vintage-like jewelry continues to inspire couples even in today's modern age.

King of Jewelry is the most prominent destination for vintage-inspired jewelry in Los Angeles. With the escalating popularity of jewelry styles of past eras, the ruler of the diamond district in Los Angeles, King of Jewelry has come up with a series of vintage-style diamond rings that bring out the love, and tastes, of couples who appreciate history. King of Jewelry also specializes in customization of vintage jewelry that is if a patron possesses an antique treasure or set from their family and wants to redesign a ring out of it, he can do so with the perfect and quality craftsmanship of the company’s staff. We also sell loose diamonds for customers who already have the perfect setting, perhaps passed down through the generations, for their future bride to be.

King of Jewelry is an innovator when it comes to vintage style engagement rings. Contact us online to learn more about our fantastic vintage inspired pieces. We also offer free shipping with comprehensive insurance for those who can't make it to our physical store in the Los Angeles Diamond District or for those who did visit but needed time to ruminate at home before making a purchase.