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Some couples prefer classic diamond wedding rings rather than modern or traditional rings for they see vintage items such as these as more special and extraordinary because of its value. These rings have already been able to stand the test of time given the long years since they were first created. Vintage or antique rings are aged from 50 to 60 years old at least. King of Jewelry in Los Angeles offers custom-designed rings that can emulate any classic style.

An antique Los Angeles engagement ring has its character that dates back from long time ago. Its background defines it. It represents a rich history behind it. For instance, Edwardian engagement rings are distinctly extraordinary, exuding a different texture through the carvings on the band itself. Almost all rings of this type are made of detailed patterns. It characterizes the era in which it was made, an idealistic era that caused many revolutionary things to take place.
Victorian engagement rings are often characterized with intricacy and a lot of grandeur since the Victorian era is known as a decadent period of time in England. Diamonds in Beverly Hills from King of Jewelry can help you find what you are looking for. Typically, an antique-inspired diamond ring in Los Angeles is made from rose or yellow gold since platinum was hardly used for jewelries before. It is also one of the ways to find antique rings designed with authenticity, for finding actual rings from several years ago is difficult.

Online, there are stores that offer antique jewelries and diamonds in Beverly Hills including engagement rings but you have to be careful in choosing the genuine ones. Designing a custom engagement ring from King of Jewelry's loose diamonds in Beverly Hills is such a wonderful idea. King of Jewelry has many options for those who would like to buy high quality diamonds. See their selection at or call 888-349-8299 for more details.

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