Diamonds Los Angeles

King of Jewelry has supplied the jewelry and diamonds Los Angeles customers prefer since 1990. Right in the midst of the Los Angeles jewelry district, they firmly operate in providing custom designed engagement rings at wholesale prices. Because of the diversity and scope of the fashion district, they stay on the cutting edge of the jewelry industry. With a selection of engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, men's rings, and even loose diamonds, King of Jewelry can help you satisfy your demand for diamonds in Los Angeles.
Because they are rooted in the epicenter of American diamond industry, King of Jewelry has a huge, customizable assortment of engagement rings in Los Angeles. Offering dazzling 3 stone rings, solitaires, bridal sets, halo style, and more, the company can match your specific tastes to the prime engagement ring for you. Coupled with an extensive selection of shapes (round, princess, heart, oval, pear, marquise, emerald, cushion, and more), your future bride's dream engagement ring is even closer to becoming a reality.
Canary diamond rings, currently their signature line, are quickly becoming popular Los Angeles engagement rings. Natural fancy yellow diamonds are associated with celebrities and shoppers who want to share their stylish sophistication with the world. Canary diamonds are incredibly rare, many shops do not carry them. Plus, the yellow diamonds in Los Angeles' King of Jewelry store are natural and GIA certified so you know they are authentic.
So if King of Jewelry's motto of "Beauty of Natural Diamonds with Timeless Design" appeals to you, then call them at 888.249.8299 or check out their store at

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