Engagement Rings in Los Angeles Customized with Loose Diamonds

King of Jewelry continually builds a huge inventory of wedding rings and engagement rings at Los Angeles headquarters with the hope that each customer will find the perfect ring to fit the style aesthetic of the intended. However, in the case that the customer and his or her loved one are pursing custom jewelry in Los Angeles, King of Jewelry also sells highly graded loose diamonds to Los Angeles residents, as well as customers living in other parts of the country. The features of each loose diamond available from King of Jewelry are listed on the official website, categorized by each of the ten diamond cuts.

At times, the older relative of a newly engaged woman passes down her good jewelry to the bride-to-be with the agreement that the old gemstones will be cast as part of an original, one-of-a-kind engagement or wedding ring. As the young lady and her fiancé conceptualize their new ring, the couple sometimes realizes that a larger gem or a particular diamond shape works best as the centerpiece. Often, smaller diamonds are needed to complete the design.

The loose diamonds offered through King of Jewelry vary in size and price. This way, our customers are able to secure the necessary diamonds for their custom rings while monitoring expenditures. King of Jewelry provides a loose diamond search tool on the website, so the customer seeking separate diamonds can easily locate the suitable stone and gauge the price of the diamonds he intends to buy. The search can be performed in terms of shape, carat, clarity, color, and certificate.

To ask additional questions pertaining to the loose diamond available from King of Jewelry, call a representative at 888-349-8299 today.