Engagement Rings Los Angeles

Engagement rings first came into existence in ancient Egypt, as did the tradition of placing them on the fourth finger, also known as the “ring finger,” because they believed it contained a unique vein leading directly to the heart. We now know that no such vein exists for engagement rings in Los Angeles, but the circular symbol of undying devotion persists, as does the tradition of giving it to a woman who was betrothed. The tradition has been less common throughout the years for men, although they began to wear more rings during World War II. A wedding or engagement ring worn by a soldier reminded him of the love that was waiting for him back home. The significance of rings as symbols of true love is important to us here at King of Jewelry, where we take your individual needs seriously, and deliver quality that can’t be matched elsewhere for engagement rings in Los Angeles.

When you come to King of Jewelry in Los Angeles you’ll first be taken by our vast selection of diamonds that have already been mounted in beautiful rings for our customers’ perusal. The majority of ring buyers come for one of our diamond engagement rings that have already been set. But for some discerning customers who have recently decided to become engaged, their love can be better expressed with one of our “build your own diamond engagement ring” arrangements featuring one from our collection of loose diamonds.
All through the process of selecting a heart-shaped, cushion cut, or radiant cut diamond (along with many other styles), you’ll be assisted by a jeweler who understands what this time is like, and wants your engagement to be truly memorable. And for customers who want to make their own engagement rings in Los Angeles, this is all the more true, since their individual taste will be of the utmost importance to us every step of the way.

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