Engagements Rings in Los Angeles Formed with King of Jewelry’s Semi Settings

King of Jewelry avails customers interested in wedding rings and engagement rings in Los Angeles with many options. Popular and attractive cuts of diamonds, including asscher, princess, round, and cushion, are available through the online jeweler’s website. Customers specifically interested in custom jewelry in Los Angeles obtain loose diamonds from King of Jewelry for their one-of-a-kind creation. The customer can fashion an original engagement or wedding ring through King of Jewelry by selecting his or her favorite setting and the perfect loose diamonds. If the interested party is already in possession of diamonds for their special ring, a King of Jewelry representative can assist the buyer in selecting a setting that suits their precious gems.

Perhaps the ring that the engaged couple imagines reflects the woman’s heritage or a specific aspect of her personality. There are many settings available through King of Jewelry to fit the lady’s style aesthetic or background. For example, the woman with retro tastes may select a vintage-style setting, or, if the young lady has Irish roots, she might fancy a Celtic banded ring. Many of these items are semi settings, meaning these Los Angeles engagement rings are already set with smaller diamonds. The customer finishes the job by adding a center stone which can be acquired from King of Jewelry’s fine loose diamond selection.

For the customer needing an engagement ring in the near future, King of Jewelry offers a convenient Lay-Away Plan. When the buyer initially lays down 10% of the overall price of the ring, he or she has up to 90 days to complete the payment. The customer can make small installments along the way or pay off the entire sum when he or she is ready.

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