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Princess cut diamond engagement rings are generally characterized by having a square outline of the center stone’s cut, as opposed to the usual round cut. This type of ring generally refers to the shape or the cut of the stone, which is considered to be the highlight of an engagement ring -- especially if it is made of diamond. Princess cut rings  that were developed to have more options for stone cuts. These rings manifest a very feminine character. It can be very sophisticated and stylish when combined with any band design. For engagement rings, the most popularly used center stone is a diamond and it can be found at most shops that sell jewelry in Manhattan Beach.

Diamonds in Los Angeles are said to be a girl’s best friend. It exudes high level of elegance in every cut and sparkle. It is also the most precious stone, that’s why it became a symbol of high social status. Most engagement rings are made of diamonds as its center stone, and princess cut diamonds are classic styles that can never go wrong. If you prefer the classic look, you can go for a simple, plain band that has no details; you can look for it at shops that sell jewelry in Manhattan Beach.

White gold is one of the most frequently used metals for the band but you could also go for platinum or silver. Every woman who receives jewelry in Bell or diamond princess cut as an engagement ring will certainly be joyful for it is associated with a very special touch of class and significance. Jewelry in Manhattan Beach can also go well with detailed bands for a more extraordinary look. Small beads of stones that shine brightly can accentuate the band as it leads to the highlight, which is the sparkling diamond. Even bands that are split shank styled could also have a connecting princess cut stone into its crown. King of Jewelry offers you the best option of diamonds to choose from. You can reach them at 888-349-8299 or visit at

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