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Of all the jewelry stores in Los Angeles – and there are many of them – one choice stands out for its dedication to flawless products and attentive, personalized customer service. That premier wholesale jewelry store is none other than King of Jewelry, a renowned vendor that has built a solid reputation over 18 years of unmatched service.

More people choose King of Jewelry over competing jewelry stores in Los Angeles predominately because of positive word-of-mouth; countless satisfied customers have praised King of Jewelry to their friends and family, and the wave of goodwill has kept on rolling ever since. The vast and diverse selection of jewelry at King of Jewelry includes resplendent diamond earrings, bracelets and pendants, but their real specialty is diamond rings. They offer a huge array of designs for both men and women, and for all occasions. Their diamond collections include diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, and eternity diamond rings. Here you can find everything from solitaire rings to the three-stone rings and pave diamond rings. There are also different cuts to choose from, including the princess cut, Asscher cut, emerald cut, round cut, oval cut, pear cut, and more.

The sublime assortment of items at King of Jewelry is not the only reason this outstanding company has risen above the other jewelry stores in Los Angeles. Another major factor in their success is their reputation for courteous customer service. Most people who are shopping for diamond rings and other precious jewelry are not experts, and they depend on the knowledgeable staff at King of Jewelry to help guide them through the process. Nothing makes these professionals more pleased than to offer their expert advice to a new couple starting out on the road of life together.


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