King of Jewelry Can Craft a Huge Variety of Custom Engagement Rings

Each bride and groom is unique, two true individuals united in complete love. And the engagement is what informs society about their mutual love. Hence, the engagement ring should reflect this exceptional journey. When it comes to jewelry in Los Angeles and Southern California, the right place is King of Jewelry. We believe that your love is something special and you deserve an engagement ring that is not only affordable but also a distinctive statement of your individuality and personality.

With decades of experience in the industry, King of Jewelry has created hundreds of custom and celebrity engagement rings in different shapes, sizes, styles, designs, materials, and qualities. Our clients have ranged from wealthy celebrities to people who live in the neighborhood where our store is located. They choose us for our range; you can select any shape from our round, emerald, princess, radiant, heart, pear, oval, brilliant, marquise, cushion, Asscher, and more. We offer easy online services with free shipping through UPS.

When it comes to diamonds in Los Angeles, King of Jewelry is a shining light in Los Angeles' downtown diamond district. You can easily get custom designed engagement rings at reasonable prices with the guidance of our expert designers. They know how to work with yellow gold, white gold, diamond, platinum, palladium, and many other metals and materials that are suitable for jewelry of various types. This range and our familiarity with different materials and cuts is truly our specialty here. Call King of Jewelry at (888) 349-8299 to see the difference custom engagement rings make when it comes to your proposal.

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