Loose diamond Sale

In addition to the complete jewelery pieces at King of Jewelry like pendants, bracelets, engagement rings and earrings, King of Jewelry is consistently ahead of the competition, offering a loose diamond sale like no other. The loose diamond collection here at King of Jewelry will give you the perfect complement to a perfect setting.

If you're wearing diamond jewelry right now, there's a good chance some of it is a Round brilliant cut. As diamond shapes have been perfected by craftspeople over the past century, careful study has gone into the geometry, optics, and reflective qualities of the round shape, and many for diamond polishers this is the first shape it is necessary to perfect in order to practice their trade. Any good loose diamond sale should include plenty of Round Brilliant cut diamonds.

For diamonds whose shape does not lend itself to a round cut, another obvious choice is the emerald cut. The emerald cut, unlike the round cut, contains relatively few obvious edges and corners, making it ideal for showing off diamond qualities like clarity and color. The Asscher cut follows a similar principle, but benefits from the aesthetic unity of a square shape.

Princess and Radiant cuts are examples of the "fancy" techniques in diamond cutting. The advantages of fancy diamond cuts are that they lend an ornate, highly decorative appearance to a setting, and look great when placed next to other, small diamonds that complement them well.

Whatever you're looking for, the loose diamond sale at King of Jewelry has the loose diamond you're looking for.

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