Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds, as the term suggests, are free from the constraints of a ring. True that the beauty of a solidly built arrangement is the platonic ideal of jewelry in its finished form, but something is arguably more appealing about a diamond that has not yet found a home. It can be viewed from all sides, and its weight can be felt individually. The edges and corners of its cut can be touched. In this way, a loose diamond can make its future owner feel a deep connection. Before you build your own diamond engagement ring, you should really connect with the diamond in this way. Next, you should allow one of the craftspeople at King of Jewelry, the name Los Angeles trusts for diamond engagement rings, encapsulate what is special about your diamond in a perfect solitaire or other arrangement.

When you come to King of Jewelry in Los Angeles you’ll find a wide selection of Asscher cut, emerald cut and other loose diamonds that have not yet been housed in a gold, platinum, or silver ring, and turned into a completed piece of jewelry. The feeling of the stone before the final, physical placement of the diamond is important, and many customers don’t wish to leave this important step to the jeweler alone. Other customers prefer to bring their own stone, and have it placed in a setting.

The pear shaped, princess cut or heart shaped diamond that calls out to you will next be mounted in a piece of jewelry. Engagement rings, along with earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other pieces can all be the right piece for the loose diamonds you’ve chosen. Let the Los Angeles Jewelers at King of Jewelry help you feel like royalty as well by bringing you into the process with a loose diamond.

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