Los Angeles Jewelry District

The Los Angeles Jewelry District houses almost 5000 different businesses and is considered by many to be the largest in the United States. Nestled downtown primarily on Hill Street, the Los Angeles Jewelry District does about $3 billion worth of business every year. So, with all of these jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Well, King of Jewelry has been thriving since 1990 selling their memorable and beautiful jewelry in Los Angeles.

Located in the heart of the Los Angeles Jewelry District at 550 South Hill Street Suite 710, King of Jewelry has a massive stock of wholesale diamond engagement rings in a variety of shapes, cuts, metals, and sizes. Their signature line is their canary diamond engagement rings, though they have the selection and expertise to help you find whatever you may need.

A perk for Los Angeles jewelers is that they are in the nexus of the diamond industry. Because of this, so little has to be outsourced and stores like King of Jewelry can sell their wares at an incredibly modest rate. Then, because there's so much access to new ideas and excellent materials, King of Jewelry can have a bigger selection than stores outside of Los Angeles. It's definitely worth it to visit King of Jewelry in person, but they have incredibly shipping policies if you can't make it. They offer free, personalized shipping for any order.

Call for details at 888.349.8299 or visit to browse their selection.

King of Jewelry