Paramount Diamonds

A diamond solitaire engagement ring is considered a classic. But today, the style and design of diamond engagement rings were developed to suit the style and taste of various kinds of women who long for Paramount diamonds. Women today are career and goal oriented and some are bold enough to go away from the traditional styles when it comes to jewelry pieces, when it comes to engagement rings, there are women who prefer their Los Angeles diamond ring to be extraordinary and unique.

They see unique styles as more special. King of Jewelry in Los Angeles has the most stunning and uniquely designed diamond engagement rings that highlight a diamond center stone. It’s best to turn to a shop that is known for their Los Angeles diamonds and King of Jewelry is just that.

They have rare, hard to find yellow canary diamond rings that are brilliant and dazzling and offer Paramount diamonds design. Yellow color for a diamond ring is a different design that can be matched with a unique cut as well. You can choose emerald cut, round cut, or it can be combined with two other diamonds for a three stone design. If you want extravagant yet unique Paramount diamonds, you can arrange them in a halo design that is characterized by little diamonds that surround the center stone. Go to for more information about cuts and gems. You can also call this number if you would like to learn more about the varieties of rings that they have 888-349-8299.

King of Jewelry