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An engagement ring is a symbol of commitment before getting married. It is a token of love that formalizes the relationship and signifies that they will soon tie the knot and prepare for a lifetime partnership. Men choose very special diamond engagement rings for their beloved fiancées as much as he plans for a unique and unforgettable wedding proposal. There are many styles of engagement rings available in the market today. Fortunately, at King of Jewelry, men do have a lot of choices to select only the best for their soon to be wife.

King of Jewelry, adjacent to Pasadena jewelry store, proudly displays split shank rings. They are quite distinct because this type of ring, as its name implies, has a cleaved band that divides into two or more strands before it reaches the crown. Usually, the strands hold a diamond or precious stone in the middle to enhance the beauty of the ring. This style exudes elegance for it enhances the center stone and looks very feminine.  Even if the stone is not as precious as a diamond, it is given a very attractive highlight by these strands, making it look extraordinary.

This type of engagement ring at this Pasadena jewelry store is considered to be trendy this year. But women who want a more simple yet posh style could choose a sleek white gold band that only highlights the main stone at the center. Platinum can also be a good option for the Los Angeles diamond ring band because it is also considered to be a precious metal aside from gold and silver. For the stones, sapphires or rubies are also great alternatives to diamonds. But as they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friends so if you have the budget, then why not go to Pasadena jewelry store, King of Jewelry? Loose diamonds in Los Angeles can also be an option. Look at or call 888-349-8299 for more details.

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