Santa Monica Jewelry Store

Your diamond engagement ring in Los Angeles from King of Jewelry will be admired by many diamond lovers because their diamonds are high-quality. It's better to stick with King of Jewelry, Santa Monica jewelry store, because there are lots of things that you should consider in order for you to avoid buying fake diamonds from other untrustworthy companies. King of Jewelry's diamond engagement rings have a reputation in the Los Angeles diamond community for being trusted and incredibly affordable.

King of Jewelry prices the diamonds in their Santa Monica jewelry store at an incredibly competitive rate. They staff their store with knowledgeable jewelers who can help you identify real diamonds from fakes. It is sad to know that there are people who buy fake diamond because of the price of the diamond, but you have to know that at King of Jewelry high quality diamonds in Los Angeles are very affordable. There is also a tester that you can use in order for you to spot fake from real diamonds. King of Jewelry has been in business for decades. Nestled in the bustling Diamond District of Downtown Los Angeles, King of Jewelry takes advantage of the wonderful innovations in jewelry culture that this vibrant community offers. You can call them at 888-349-8299 for more information or visit They offer loose diamonds, as well, for merchants who want to make their own jewelry and they also offer custom made wedding and engagement rings for those who can't find exactly what they want in stores.

King of Jewelry