Unique Wedding Rings

King of Jewelry is a leading online retailer of high-quality, unique wedding rings. Our Los Angeles customers, as well as those living in other parts of the country, are routinely pleased with our bridal ring sets. Our three-ring bridal sets consist of unique wedding rings paired with beautiful engagement rings. In purchasing a three-ring set, the happy couple acquires a gorgeous combination of rings, such as a brilliant, asscher-cut diamond engagement ring accompanied by matching diamond wedding bands. When the lovers purchase this set of diamond wedding rings or a similar three-ring set from King of Jewelry, each shall display an exquisite band to signify their union. The husband-to-be may also purchase a two-band set for his bride, consisting of the perfect engagement ring plus the ring she anticipates receiving during the wedding ceremony.

The online jewelry emporium also provides the customer with a wide selection of individually-sold diamond wedding bands for the gentleman and lady. These wedding bands feature many excellently cut diamonds, including our popular princess cut wedding rings. Most of these rings can be purchased with a white gold, yellow gold, or platinum setting, all bearing slight differences in price. There are also many handsomely-designed wedding rings for men. A simple, solitaire ring is appealing to many customers, while the ever-popular weave pattern is a favorite of those who admire a strong yet refined-looking ring. If the customers are pursing custom jewelry in Los Angeles, they may also purchase loose diamonds through King of Jewelry.

Explore the King of Jewelry website to see many unique wedding rings at wholesale prices. Call 888-349-8299 for further details.

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