Vintage Jewelry Los Angeles

When the lady begins developing a preference for certain engagement and wedding rings, she may discover that she is drawn to the vintage jewelry of Los Angeles. Antique and vintage jewelry designs remain quite relevant, as a classic never dies. Unfortunately, the vintage-loving woman and her future husband are not guaranteed high-quality diamonds or proper certification when hunting for vintage engagement rings in Los Angeles antique stores or flee markets. If acquiring a truly high-quality ring is important, like it is for many couples, the engaged pair should consider King of Jewelry.

King of Jewelry is based out of the Los Angeles Jewelry District but offers dozens of the best vintage-inspired engagement rings to Los Angeles and beyond through their online store. Our beautiful rings are not only superior in terms of design. The characteristics of the diamond that are taken into consideration - the gem’s carat, clarity, color, and cut - distinguish King of Jewelry’s engagement rings from subpar vintage jewelry from Los Angeles retailers. When it comes to designs, the Los Angeles jewelry retailer holds many halo-style rings that feature various cuts of diamonds. The halo style was a standard of vintage jewelry for Los Angeles Hollywood actresses in the 40s and 50s, and it is now popular with the starlets of today. Perhaps halo is a favorite of your fiancée’s, as well. If the bride-to-be desires extra sparkle, she may consider one of the many pave halo engagement rings available through King of Jewelry.

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