Wedding and Engagement Rings have Rich History at King of Jewelry

Rings have a rich sense of history; they're much more than simple adornments. Throughout time, monarchs and kings have used them to transfer power and responsibility to the next generation by passing this ring to them. Nowadays, special pieces like wedding and engagement rings are similarly handed down from generation to generation, creating a special history within each family. It tells a story of how families were started and how they've stayed together.

Because of this, your search for engagement rings in Los Angeles should lead you to a store that creates timeless, gorgeous, and personal pieces. King of Jewelry is that destination. For decades, they have offered high quality and attractive engagement rings at incredible prices. Apart from being an authorized dealer of such world-class products like Benchmark wedding rings and Montegrappa pens, King of Jewelry also specializes in custom designed diamond rings.

King of Jewelry is a world class store for diamonds in Los Angeles. They have skilled staff and artists who produce beautiful pieces with highly graded diamonds in a diverse range of cut, clarity, and carat. Furthermore, King of Jewelry offers both colorless and fancy colored diamond in all sizes. We are experts in sourcing diamonds in some of the most beautiful shapes, including round, princess, emerald, Asscher, radiant, cushion, heart, oval, pear, and marquise cuts.

To learn more about King of Jewelry, contact us online. You can also explore our easy to use diamond selector tool that allows you to filter rings by shape, carat, clarity, color range, and certification.