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Flexible Payment Plan

Take Advantage of our Lay-Away Plan with No Interest Charges for your Ideal Engagement Ring!
It is our pleasure to make online purchasing more flexible and affordable for our beloved customers. This is a great opportunity for customers who need more time to pay for their engagement ring. The best deals are found here at King of Jewelry.
King of Jewelry’s Lay-Away Plan avails to the entire jewelry selections that are available in our web site. Due to the limited availability on some of our unique pieces, there will be a possibility for the item that you are interested with to be sold. You can prevent that by taking advantage of our lay away plan by only making a 10% down payment which places the item on hold for you for as long as 90 days.
The Interest Free King of Jewelry Lay-Away Plan Details:

•    Begin The Plan With Just A 10% Down Payment
•    Take Up To 90 Days To Pay For Your Engagement Ring Once You Have Made Your 10% Down Payment.
•    Additional Payments Can Be Made Any Time within 90 Days & For Any Amount!
•    Enjoy No Interest & No Additional Charges While On The Plan. Enjoy Extremely Low Prices & Greater Flexibility!
•    YOU MUST CALL US AT 1-888-349-8299/ direct line at 1-213-623-5233 to set up your plan.

Why should you use the Lay-Away Plan?

•    Only takes 10% down payment for us to start the process of your ring
•    Flexible Payment Methods
•    No interests
•    You have 90 Days to make the full payment
•    You feel better knowing that the ring you are interested with is on hold for you.
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