5 Tips For Buying a Women's Diamond Ring

Diamond rings represent many different meanings when purchasing them for your significant other. For some people, a diamond ring symbolizes commitment in a relationship. Other people use diamond rings to seal a relationship, whether for an engagement or a wedding. Diamond rings also commemorate significant milestones in a relationship, such as the birth of a child. When choosing a diamond ring for the woman in your life, these guidelines will help you find the best ring possible.

Consider the intent and meaning behind the ring

The occasion for a ring is typically apparent, such as an engagement or wedding. However, subtle things in your relationship may help you find the perfect ring. For example, diamond cuts can help find a ring for a particular personality type.

Round cuts tend to work particularly well for elegant personality types. On the other hand, a princess-cut diamond might be perfect for someone with an outgoing and trendy personality. Emerald-cut diamonds are traditionally known for more elegant individuals. If you want a romantic ring, an Asscher-cut diamond will work quite well. On the other hand, pear-shaped diamonds are for calm and tasteful personality types.

Little things from the diamond cut to the metal used in the ring will help add more meaning to that particular purchase that you are making.


Think of your diamond ring as an investment

Traditionally, most jewelers will tell you to set aside three months' worth of salary for a women's diamond ring. For some people, that is a hefty sum of money. When setting out to purchase a women's diamond ring, find specific designs and styles that you'd like. Consult with your partner on what type of ring they'd select. If you approach your ring purchase thinking of it as an investment, you'll find it easier to save money to make the purchase.

Here are some tips to help you save money for your investment:

  • Consider a safe financial vehicle, such as a savings account, to set money for the ring aside.
  • Start planning early; the sooner you start planning, the easier it will be to budget for the ring.
  • If you don't have enough time to set aside money for a diamond ring, you can use an installment plan through King of Jewelry to make your purchase easier.

Take your partner ring shopping with you

If you take that remarkable woman in your life ring shopping, you will instantly find out what she likes in her diamond ring. A trip to your local jeweler can be an inconspicuous moment to find out what size her finger is. However, you can also browse King of Jewelry together for a unique women's diamond ring you won't find at a local jeweler.

Taking your significant other ring shopping will also help you learn more about their tastes, what style they like, and how they wear their ring. You might also learn more about their favorite type of jewelry so that you can make educated purchases when shopping for them in the future.

Traditionally, many couples would not shop for their ring together. But, today, as many as 60% of couples do their ring shopping together. So, when buying a women's ring, let her choose what she likes so that the ring is all that more meaningful to her.

If you do not have the time to take your partner ring shopping, even a quick conversation can help. About 30% of couples discuss their ring, even if the male does the actual ring shopping.

Consider the type of diamond and the metal used

Not all diamonds are created equal. For example, while a lab-created diamond will look convincing, it doesn't hold its weight over time. On the other hand, natural diamonds will increase in value over time, be one-of-a-kind and unique, and are not mass-produced.

The metal used is just as important as the diamond. You can select from a vibrant array of gold colors and platinum at King of Jewelry. For those who work a lot with their hands, platinum or 14k gold will help the ring last longer. Platinum and 18k gold also look elegant when they are worn. However, the 18k gold is purer and a little softer, so it might not be the best type of metal for someone who works with their hands frequently.

Additionally, King of Jewelry takes it a step further with its naturally mined diamonds. All KOJ diamonds are 100% conflict-free, come in the best colors and qualities, and uniquely fit each ring.


Consider a custom ring design

Sometimes, customizing a ring will help you find the perfect diamond and ring setting. A customized ring process will give you the freedom to help you and your partner find something she truly likes. A custom ring will help you find the shape, size, and metal color while designing the ring from the bottom up. Not only will the ring feel perfect, but the ring will also convey the symbolism and meaning you want.

A custom ring design will take a little bit longer to make, as long as two weeks. However, the longer turnaround time is worth it.

Choose King of Jewelry for your women's diamond ring

If you choose King of Jewelry for your women's diamond ring shopping, you will find satisfaction with your purchase. King of Jewelry has been around since 1999. You will find the ideal setting for your partner with virtually any type of ring and diamond.