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For couples who are ready to get engaged, ring shopping can be a daunting task. The typical couple is very excited to being the hunt for the perfect engagement ring, but once they find themselves inside the jewelry store, sticker shock and confusion can quickly set in. Many jewelry stores sell either good quality diamond engagement rings at exorbitantly high prices, or they sell poor quality engagement rings at prices they are trying to pass off as great deals. Instead of struggling to read through the slick jewelry salesman's rhetoric, smart couples are heading online to find quality rings for half the price of expensive retailers. One site in particular offers consumers incredibly great deals on diamond rings and wedding bands - King of Jewelry.

King of Jewelry has built its solid reputation "since 1999" of being in the jewelry industry. King of Jewelry has a wholesale jewelry store in the Los Angeles jewelry mart, which enables it to offer the public unheard wholesale prices to couples looking for their dream engagement ring. Additionally, the King of Jewelry has a huge inventory of engagement and wedding rings in all shapes, cuts, metals and sizes. They even carry the newest designs using half moon diamonds or trapezoid diamonds for brides who are on the cutting edge of style. Their quality selection includes gorgeous asscher cut diamond rings, oval cut diamond rings, cushion cut diamond rings, emerald cut diamond rings, princess cut diamond rings, radiant cut engagement rings and yellow diamond engagement rings. Many modern brides love the look of a yellow canary diamond ring, but have a hard time finding them. The King of Jewelry is proud to offer a stunning selection of canary diamond engagement rings, from 1 carat in size up to a whopping 5 carat center stone yellow diamond.

From simple diamond solitaire engagement rings, canary yellow diamond rings, halo diamond ring or engagement rings without halo, and three-stone designs to an elaborate men's diamond rings, there is something for every couple and every taste. A wide selection of diamond eternity rings and regular eternity rings can also be purchased at King of Jewelry. Bridal ring sets are sold at almost half the price off traditional retailers thanks to the King of Jewelry's wholesaler status, including emerald cut diamond bridal sets and princess cut diamond bridal sets. King of Jewelry also offers loose diamonds at wholesale prices for sale, perfect for couples who already have a setting in mind but are looking for the perfect diamond. Our wholesale loose diamonds come in a number of shapes including asscher cut diamonds, loose emerald cut diamonds, loose round cut diamonds, loose brilliant cut diamonds, and loose princess cut diamonds.

The King of Jewelry website is truly worth a visit for any smart couple looking for their dream engagement ring or wedding bands. Aside from designer diamond rings, bridal ring sets, and wholesale loose diamonds sold to the public, King of Jewelry also carries a gorgeous selection of asscher, emerald, round and princess cut diamond earrings. Our diamond earrings make the perfect selection for a wedding day gift from the groom to the bride, and are lovely anniversary gifts as well.

You may contact us by telephone, email. If you would like to speak to us by telephone, please call us (888) 349-8299. If you would like to drop us an email, please send your emails to the appropriate department. For general information about King of Jewelry and general customer service, send email requests to Service@KingofJewelry.Com

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KingofJewelry.com thanks you for your support, and we believe that whether a gift is a token of gratitude or a grand jester of love, the joy of giving and receiving is a cherished occasion in itself! We are always looking for ways to enhance your on line buying experience. We look forward to hearing from each and every potential client. Your questions are welcomed.