A Buying Guide For Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are unique because of their scarcity and color. Yellow diamonds obtain their color from the element nitrogen and how it is arranged within the diamond crystal lattice. Yellow diamonds, because of their nitrogen, absorb more light from the blue end of the visible light spectrum. Yellow diamonds account for only a fraction of all the diamonds that are mined in the world. They are newer, from a historical perspective, with the first yellow diamond discovery happening in South Africa during the nineteenth century. Today, yellow diamonds are popular for engagement and wedding rings. Let’s take a look at some of the buying considerations when you purchase a yellow diamond ring.

Why buy a yellow diamond ring over other colors?

Frankly, colorless diamonds are a rarity. Throughout the world, there are different colors of diamonds, ranging from green to dark shades of blue. Some diamonds, extremely rare, even come in shades of black. Even though yellow diamonds are rare, they are the second most common type of diamond color.

Yellow diamonds can convey different meanings. For example, when set on a yellow gold ring in an eternity band, there is a symbolic sealing conveyed in the meaning of the ring. Yellow diamonds can also convey love, friendship, and trust.

Yellow diamond rings are also significant because they stand out. When placed in the perfect setting, they will draw attention since they are not an everyday diamond ring.

Are yellow diamonds less expensive than colorless diamonds?

There is a myth about yellow diamonds that since they are not on the standard diamond grading scale. Some think that yellow diamonds are of lower quality than colorless diamonds, and are therefore more affordable. That simply is not true. Yellow diamonds fall into a grade called “fancy.” Let’s consider a “G” diamond versus some of the different grades of yellow diamonds. A “G” diamond might be valued at $4,000 to $4,500 per carat. A lighter yellow diamond might be priced at $2,500 to $4,000 per carat. A more brilliant yellow diamond towards the higher end of the spectrum might have a value of anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000 per carat. In essence, the value of a yellow diamond, and ultimately the final ring price, will vary based upon the grade of the diamond. Some yellow diamonds might sell for more than diamonds on the traditional color grading scheme for colorless diamonds.

What cuts are typically available for yellow diamonds?

Yellow diamonds show their color differently than traditional clear diamonds. With a white diamond, a jeweler can take certain liberties with cuts to add brilliance to the diamond. The same cuts, when applied to a yellow diamond, can actually subtract from the essence of that diamond’s color. Radiant and cushion cuts are ideal for yellow diamonds and maintain the color of the diamond in virtually any ring setting.

How are yellow diamonds graded by color?

Colored diamonds also receive a color grade based upon the amount of color present in the diamond. Yellow diamonds fall into the following color grades:

  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Dark
  • Fancy Deep
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid

The GIA did a study several years ago about the percentage of yellow diamonds graded by jewelers. Fancy yellow diamonds were the most common grade of yellow diamond on the market, with 46% of yellow diamonds receiving that grade. On the other hand, Fancy Vivid and Fancy Intense yellow diamonds respectively consisted of only 3% and 6% of yellow diamonds that were graded. The low percentage of fancier yellow diamonds indicates just how rare these precious gemstones are.

Does a yellow diamond limit the type of setting and cut available?

To a certain extent, yellow diamonds are typically found in radiant and cushion cuts. However, there is not a limit on the various ring settings or metals you can find in a ring. Ultimately, the final version of a ring will vary based upon preference, occasion, and style. Here are some ideas that might be worth considering for your yellow diamond ring and settings:

Rose gold can make a lighter yellow diamond more brilliant

The most common metals for yellow diamond rings are white gold, platinum, and yellow gold. However, a rose gold metal will make a Fancy Light yellow ring appear deeper than its actual color grade.

Clear diamonds can complement a yellow diamond on yellow gold

Some people will consider a yellow diamond ring on yellow gold with clear diamonds as side stones. The yellow gold and clear diamonds side stones will highlight the yellow diamond nicely. Such a yellow diamond ring can be created as a custom order.

Consider a halo setting for your yellow diamond

King of Jewelry has a plethora of yellow diamond rings in halo settings. A halo setting on platinum metal will highlight a lighter yellow diamond nicely, creating a nice balance of yellow and brightness to make the ring sparkle all around.

Yellow diamond eternity bands are also a possibility

Yellow diamonds on an eternity band are stunningly beautiful. When a band is set with yellow diamonds all around, with yellow gold, the ring conveys a sense of forever that won’t appear on other eternity bands. For a diamond anniversary or another major lifetime milestone, a yellow diamond eternity band will seal the moment more than adequately.

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