A Guide to Different Diamond Cuts for a Three-Stone Ring

The three-stone diamond ring is an extremely historical setting that symbolizes the past, present, and future in a relationship. While the three-stone diamond ring has its origins during the Georgian and Victorian eras, DeBeers made this setting extremely popular over the past twenty years. There are many things you want to think about when choosing a three-stone diamond ring:

  • What type of diamond cuts look best?
  • What do you want the ring to symbolize?
  • How to make your three-stone ring look truly unique?

Let's take a look at some choices you must make when choosing the diamond cuts for your three-stone ring.

How traditional do you want to be with your ring?

There are two ways you could go if you want a traditional three-stone diamond ring. One common configuration is the three-stone diamond ring with three round cut diamonds. The outer two diamonds will be smaller, but together their weight will equal that of the center stone. Using three round cuts creates a sense of balance and symmetry that is best for someone who loves the conventional.

You could also choose a baguette cut as a centerstone with something like a round cut or cushion cut diamond as the side stones. The alternating diamond cuts will also create a sense of symmetry and balance, while conveying a sense of elegance.

Using an oval cut as a centerstone

Some people prefer the oval cut as the centerstone in their three-stone diamond ring. Oval cut diamonds are particularly unique because they are symbolic of pushing boundaries while adhering to tradition. When people get an oval cut as their centerstone, they will often use half moon side stones to align with the centerstone's oval shape. This type of three-stone setting will often look great on a white gold or platinum ring.

Halo settings and the various cuts

Some people elect to go with a three-stone diamond ring that also has a halo setting. Traditionally, a halo setting will add some depth and austerity to the overall presentation of the centerstone. With a three-stone diamond ring, the halo setting takes it a step further. For the centerstone and side stones, people will typically go with identical or similar diamond cuts. For example, an emerald centerstone will look elegant with two baguettes on either side. You could also go with something a little bit more eloquent, such as an asscher cut with trapezoids on either side. Some halo three-stone settings will also use yellow diamonds in the centerstone. For example, this yellow-diamond three-stone ring has two heart-shaped diamonds as the sidestones.

Creating a sense of balance and symmetry

Many individuals will want to use a consistent array of similar cuts when purchasing their three-stone diamond ring, yet stay outside of the "traditional" mantra. For example, a princess cut is for someone who wants the brilliance of a round-shaped diamond. However, they prefer the square setting. The princess cut is ideal for a woman who likes excitement and is a true romantic at heart. In a three-stone diamond ring, the centerstone (a princess cut) can be surrounded by two smaller princess-cut diamonds as side stones.

Some general guidelines to follow when thinking about the diamond cuts for your three-stone ring setting

Choosing three identical stones

This will give you a very traditional three-stone setting. The diamonds are the same cut across the stones. The weight of the diamonds are also evenly distributed among the stones, with the outer stones being slightly smaller than the centerstone.

Your favorite diamond augmented by smaller side stones

This is the way you should go if you want your centerstone to have all of the focus. If you go with a centerstone of an oval cut, two moon side stones will appear as if they are part of the larger centerstone. The larger the centerstone and the smaller the side stones, the more the diamond will look like a larger solitaire.

Baguette diamonds always look good tapered as side stones

When baguette diamonds are tapered to the side, they will nicely augment any type of center stone. This will give you the ability to customize your diamond stone cut a little bit more. You can go with a more elegant centerstone, whether it's emerald or round cut if your side stones are tapered baguettes.

Opposite stones often attract

Another thing to think about when thinking about symmetry and balance is that you can use round cuts to offset an emerald or baguette centerstone. Some people will prefer to stay with traditional round cuts, while others may venture towards oval cuts or other round shapes. An oval cut may look great with a taller diamond, like an emerald cut as the center stone.

Work with King of Jewelry For Your Three-Stone Diamond Rings

The three-stone diamond ring is a timeless, elegant setting for virtually any type of occasion. Whether you want a traditional three-stone setting or want something a little bit more extravagant, there are options available for you. All of our three-stone diamond ring settings are conflict-free, naturally-mined diamonds. If you don't see an option that you like, there is also a customizable option available on our website.