Buying Diamond Rings as a Couple

Traditionally, couples tended to purchase jewelry as a surprise. In recent years, however, more than 60% of people, in some way, purchased their diamond rings together. Whether for a wedding, engagement, or another occasion, here is how people bought their rings together according to Ringspo:

  • 9% of people discussed their ring purchase before they went out and bought it.
  • About 30% of people chose the ring they wanted together but purchased it separately.
  • Around 10% of people went to their jeweler and purchased their ring together.

Let's look at some tips for successfully purchasing diamond rings as a couple.

Decide the best way to buy your ring

Discuss your ring purchase with your partner. Find out if they'd like to be surprised or have a particular design in mind. The person the ring is intended for might like to provide their input on a specific style but might like the element of surprise, like a particular cut of diamond. Others might like to be included as much as possible in the design process and even want a custom ring style to help them find the perfect match.


Visit a few local jewelers before deciding on an online purchase

A local jeweler is often a great place to start. Meeting with a jeweler can help educate both individuals on the diamond ring terminology, such as cut, quality, and color. A jeweler can also help the couple get measurements for the ring. If a couple purchases a customized ring, looking at many different diamond rings will help lock in a style, a metal color, and a particular type of diamond.

Visiting a local jeweler can also help you grasp what is out there regarding ring styles and diamond cuts. The average couple will visit up to three jewelers before they agree on a suitable diamond ring.

King of Jewelry is a convenient jewelry store for making your purchase. If you are one of the 11% of people who want to purchase your ring online, we make shipping easy. We also have a physical location suitable for those who like to make an in-person purchase.

Include other parties in the diamond ring process

Some couples include family and bridal party members in the ring buying process. However, there isn't any clearly defined etiquette for this. If you purchase a diamond ring as a couple, you might want to include a sibling. They'll have a unique insight into the ring recipient's style preferences. If someone is at the wedding party, they might be able to recommend a particular type of metal or diamond cut that compliments the rest of the wedding planning perfectly. Include family and friends in the ring shopping experience, especially if they are individuals whose opinions you find valuable.

Consult with your wedding planner

If you are purchasing a wedding band, your wedding planner might have unique insight into a suitable diamond ring. Around 26% of couples use a wedding planner to coordinate their wedding, and most of these people ask their wedding planner how their ring will fit into their wedding's theme.

For example, your wedding planner might suggest a brilliant round cut if you have an outdoor wedding. With this cut, your ring will have the maximum sparkle and elegance in an outdoor wedding setting.


Save for your rings together

As many as 43% of couples have joint finances. So your diamond ring could very well be the first significant purchase you make together as a couple. Here are some tips to help save when purchasing your rings:

  • Consider a secure account for your ring savings. For example, you could consider a joint savings account.
  • Decide on the style and type of ring, so you can ballpark a certain amount to set aside each month.
  • You can also look at payment options for rings you buy as a couple. King of Jewelry has installment options for couples purchasing their rings together.
  • Think of your rings as an investment, much as you would a new house or a new car.

Pick the appropriate metal color

Metal color is essential. While no rule says engagement or wedding rings must match, metal color conveys a specific message, and the color can also change over time. For example, yellow gold and platinum will maintain their color over time. However, white gold will start yellowing over the years, while rose gold will get darker.

Platinum and white gold convey a more modern look. Rose gold can bring a sense of romance, affluence, and elegance. Yellow gold, while more traditional, will also convey many meanings. Even though yellow gold is more conventional, it has increased in demand in recent years.

How satisfied will you be with your ring purchased as a couple?

People are delighted with diamond rings, whether purchased as a surprise or as a couple. 95% of diamond ring customers are ultimately satisfied with the final product, according to Ringspo. People who buy diamond rings as a couple:

  • Go through the process of making an expensive joint purchase together.
  • Learn how to plan for the future by saving for their ring.
  • Develop a sense of satisfaction with their ring as the years pass.
  • Consult each other on essential things in the future.

Purchasing a diamond ring as a couple will help build trust, consensus, and open communication in the relationship.

Choose King of Jewelry for purchasing your diamond rings as a couple

King of Jewelry will help you find the right style of ring, cut of diamond, and ultimately, the most elegant diamond ring. You can easily browse our online catalog to find a preexisting design. You might also choose our custom diamond ring portal to find the best choice for you as a couple. Your rings and the time spent choosing them will be something you will reflect upon for years.