Diamond Ring Settings Explained

There are many different things to think about when buying a diamond ring. First and foremost, most ring buyers focus on the diamond's cut, color, quality, and clarity. However, the actual setting of the ring is one of the last things that comes to mind. The ring setting brings the diamond and the design of the ring together. This article looks at the types of ring settings you can get when you purchase a diamond ring from King of Jewelry.

Why are ring settings important?

Choosing the perfect ring settings impacts several different things, most importantly, the presentation of the ring. Some types of cuts might benefit from a hidden halo setting, adding more attention to the center stone. A single solitaire setting will add to the presentation of the ring, but will also need to protect the stone as much as possible.

Perhaps the recipient wants a more elegant setting. In this situation, they might benefit from the complexity of a cathedral setting or will wish for the sheer elegance of a bezel setting. No matter the choice, the right setting will present and protect the ring as intended.

Three-stone and five-stone diamond ring settings

Three-stone diamond ring settings tell a unique story, symbolizing the relationship's past, present, and future. The three stones also can stand for friendship, love, and fidelity. Three-stone diamond ring settings are among the most popular diamond ring settings. Historically, the three-stone setting was popular for anniversary rings, but its versatility has made it a favorite.

Another popular ring setting is the five-stone diamond ring. The five-stone setting can symbolize many things, such as the five pillars of any solid relationship (love, trust, communication, empathy, and commitment.) Some feel that the five-stone ring builds a foundation for the marriage during the first five years, after which some people buy an eternity band.

DeBeers, one of the largest diamond companies in the world, set the standard for the three-stone and five-stone diamond ring settings. These rings were initially marketed in 2001 as anniversary rings but were also positioned as unique engagement rings.

What is a pavé setting?

Pavé settings contain little diamonds set along the ring band. The word "pavé" means pavement, as these small diamond settings on the ring's band look like little cobblestone on a paved road. The pavé setting can appear on virtually any ring type, such as a three-stone ring. Pavé settings exist as far back as the 17th century but recently gained popularity through celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Blake Lively. While there isn't any historical significance or meaning behind the pavé setting, people use them because they can add to the center stone's brilliance and make the ring look more elaborate.

What is a semi-mount?

A semi-mount ring is for those overwhelmed by choice of diamond cuts available to them. When you purchase a semi-mount ring, the jeweler provides you with a complete ring without the center stone set. If you are shopping for a ring online, you select the semi-mount when shopping for your ring and can add a diamond later.

A semi-mount is often available for those who want more of a customized diamond. You can select virtually any setting you want and customize the diamond to cut, quality, weight, and more.

Halo Ring Settings

Halo settings comprise another unique style of ring setting. You can get a single, double, or hidden halo ring setting. A halo is a small band of diamonds that encircles the larger diamond. The halo can feature diamond cuts similar to or different from the center stone. For example, one popular halo setting features a round center stone surrounded by cushion-cut diamonds. Double halos feature two bands of smaller diamonds drawing attention to the center stone.

Hidden halo rings are a particular type of halo setting. The center stone appears just atop the halo, letting people get a 360-degree view when they look at the ring. In addition, a hidden halo ring can draw attention to the center stone if you have a smaller diamond, increasing the brightness of the diamond by as much as fifteen percent.

People choose halo settings for a wide variety of different reasons:

  • They want to draw attention to a smaller center stone.
  • Halo diamonds cut differently than the center stone can make the ring look more appealing.
  • Sometimes, people choose the halo setting because they want the ring to stand out.

Channel diamond settings

Channel settings are very similar to the pavé setting. However, instead of having an entire band decorated with diamonds, the ring will have several smaller diamonds set into a channel. Channel settings are a great way to add elegance to an engagement ring. Channel settings can appear on the sides of a center stone, or a channel setting can completely replace the center stone. One popular design for a men's ring consists of a channel setting of 6 princess-cut diamonds. Channel settings also secure the diamonds, so they do not fall out or become loose over time.

Channel diamond settings are also trendy with men's diamond rings. Channel diamonds let men's rings look stylish and modern and can increase the diamond weight of the ring without adding too much to the ring's size.

Basket, bezel, and cathedral settings

These types of settings describe how the center stone is held in place. For example, cathedral settings have sweeping arcs that hold the center stone in place. Many people prefer the cathedral setting because of the architectural look provided by the environment. A basket setting uses prongs and horizontal bands to create a "basket' that holds the diamond. A basket setting slightly masks the center stone, reducing the likelihood that it could get damaged over time.

Bezel settings are genuinely unique. For example, a bezel setting has edges around the center stone's perimeter. In some ways, it's like a picture frame for your diamond. However, unlike a solitaire setting, a bezel setting will not use prongs to hold the center stone of the diamond. Bezel settings are not the most popular type, but they are in demand for those looking for something modern and elegant.

Prong (solitaire) diamond ring settings

Solitaire diamond settings are the most popular ring settings. A study by The Knot in 2021 found that 35% of engagement rings purchased were solitaire settings. A four-prong setting will show more of the diamond, while a six-prong setting will offer better protection for the diamond. In addition, solitaire settings put focus on the diamond itself. Lastly, a solitaire setting often is a more affordable option because it uses less metal, and solitaire settings also do not have extra diamonds (in most situations).

How to choose the right type of ring setting

The recipient's habits, preferences, and the center stone play a role in the correct type of ring setting. For example, a bezel diamond setting might be appropriate if someone is highly active or works in a job requiring their hands. On the other hand, if someone has a fancier cut diamond, a six-prong solitaire setting might offer more protection and better protect the ring. Halo settings and different types also provide additional protection for the center diamond.

Why customizing your diamond ring is a good idea

If you are considering protecting your diamond, the best type of setting, and the cut of diamond you are using, you are likely a good candidate for a customized ring. Most jewelers carry a wide variety of ready-made settings, resizing the ring when the center stone is added. A custom ring setting lets the jeweler adjust your ring for your personal preference, including the metal, center stone, setting type, and any smaller diamonds you want to add. In addition, a stone setting designed just for the recipient's finger will make them feel special.

Does a ring setting impact the value of the ring?

When people purchase a diamond ring, they often will get a report on the diamond's value every five years in case the diamond is lost or stolen. Ring setting, while not the most important factor, does play a role in the ring's long-term value. Overall, the popularity of the setting impacts the ring's value. Popular settings include solitaire, bezel, three-stone, and pavé ring settings. Additionally, smaller stones used in the setting and three-stone and five-stone settings will add more carat weight to the ring, ultimately increasing its value.

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