Different Types of Diamond Wedding Rings

Different Types of Diamond Wedding Rings

There’s nothing better than looking at a lovely, sparkly diamond ring every now and again. The best feeling in the world is finding out your best friend has gotten engaged, the excitement to see their engagement is so real! There are so many different types of diamond engagement rings available out there. Although we don’t always get the chance to pick them for ourselves (the struggle is real, am I right ladies?) we always get to choose our wedding rings for ourselves. This is our chance to shine regarding picking an amazing diamond ring. Think about what you want though, and make sure to explore all your possibilities before you jump straight in and buy one. You’ve got this ring a long time, you’ve got to absolutely love it.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Dating back to ancient Egyptians, engagement rings have always been a symbol of love. A symbol of the agreement to marry someone without just marrying them. Similar to engagement rings are promise diamond wedding rings. Normally promise rings are given with the intent of eventually getting married but not wanting the commitment of an engagement ring. Back then, engagement rings were very plain and made of many types of metal. Nowadays it’s all about the beautiful golds, silvers and other metals we can get for our engagement rings, never mind the different shapes we can get too.

Metal Used For Diamond Wedding Rings

Yellow gold is one of the most popular of all the metals available for engagement rings. This type of gold is traditional and often bodes well with the older generation. Yellow gold can be implanted into any shape and designed beautifully. If you love traditional rings this is probably the best metal to go for.

White gold is more of a modern engagement ring twist. It is used instead of silver as it lasts longer and is more durable (this is what you need for a wedding or engagement ring), it is often more expensive than regular silver so that can put off buyers. Engagement rings do look extremely beautiful when they incorporate white gold in the ring. There are some rings you can buy that have yellow and white gold incorporated in them which is a lovely addition if you like both metals.

white gold

More recently, rose gold has become popular. Due to the rise in popularity, so many more ladies have been picking this colour for their diamond engagement rings. A benefit to rose gold is that it doesn’t rust and isn’t as expensive as it would be if you chose another metal such as white gold. Rose gold’s popularity has led a lot of ring manufacturers and jewellers to offer them at special prices and rates.

Cuts of Diamond Rings

Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re a romantic this is definitely the ring shape for you. A classic for engagement rings, this beautifully cut heart shape ring is most popular in solitaire pendants (see below for more information on these.) When picking a heart shape, symmetry is a very important aspect. You want your heart shape to look as beautiful as possible so symmetry is important. Having your diamond shaped into another shape other than the regular stone is a good idea if you like your ring to be unique to anyone else.

heart shape diamond ring

Marquise Cut Diamond Rings

More football-shaped, these diamond cuts have the largest crown surface areas of any diamond which makes it a good choice if you are trying to maximize the size of the diamond. If you are getting the diamond cut yourself then you will be able to choose the thickness of the diamond itself. If you love thinner and more elegant diamond that is great for this cut, but so is the thicker, more classic diamond look. The Marquise cut is always protected on the ring with metal prongs at two different points (these are normally located at the place where chipping may occur.)

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

First produced in 1902, these rough stoned rings are one of the most popular of wedding rings around. The square cute beauties now come in many different shapes but traditionally it was more like a square emerald cut. It has large step facets and a higher crown with a small table but it is a lot more brilliant than a regular emerald cut. The Asscher cut has cropped corners, although the shape is square these cropped corners can make it look more like an octagonal shape.

Asscher Cut Diamond Pave Bridal Ring

Pave Diamond Rings

These are studded rings with small diamonds at are attached to the ring band with tiny little metal prongs. It all depends on the design of the ring but normally there is a set of small pace-set diamonds that feature around some of the centre diamond. They are sometimes featured as just a band of small diamond too, it all depends on the style you think is most suited to you and what you like.

Parade Round Cut Diamond Wedding Band

Solitaire Diamond Rings

These are mainly made with just one single diamond in the setting and held in by metal prongs. Sometimes other mountings can be used to such as tension setting or bezel setting. The diamond in the centre can be any shape but the classic, round stone is the best fit if you want to cheap it traditional. These are mostly cheaper than other designs as it only features one diamond as supposed to multiple ones. This type of ring can look extremely elegant and beautiful if you like simplicity.

Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

It’s all up to you, the number of different diamond rings that are available is endless. Personal preference will allow you to choose your ideal cut and style of ring. Whether you want a lovely rose gold heart cut diamond ring or the classic solitaire marquise cut. After all, it’s your ring and you must love it. Everyone will love your ring regardless of the cut and style as it’ll be simply beautiful! Hopefully, this post has helped you in choosing your ideal wedding or engagement ring. Happy shopping!