Finding the Perfect Women’s Diamond Wedding Ring

Selecting the right women’s diamond wedding ring is important. When purchasing a wedding ring, around 35% of couples will spend a minimum of three months trying to find what they want. 24% of people will take six months or longer to shop around for a wedding ring. Additionally, when researching a ring, some people will spend as long as two hours per day on the Internet researching diamonds, metals, and rings to find what they like the most. Let’s take a look at some things to consider when purchasing a women’s diamond wedding ring.

Are the diamonds sourced responsibly?

This is often not at the front of people’s minds when they are purchasing a woman’s diamond ring. At King of Jewelry, diamonds are sourced responsibly for all of our jewelry products, especially wedding rings.

One of the tenets of responsibly sourced diamonds is that they are conflict-free. Conflict-free diamonds are sourced from countries that are not at war and have responsible governments. Responsibly sourced diamonds are also not treated. Treated diamonds are generally less valuable than natural earth diamonds. Treated diamonds are also not certified by the GIA.

Lab-created diamonds may seem like a great thing for a moment, but they actually lose their luster over time. Diamonds produced commercially tend to lose value over time and are not one-of-a-kind. Natural diamonds are a surefire way to

Choosing a diamond cut

When you look at rings online or at a jewelry store, the diamond will already be cut to a certain style. Some people choose to go with an emerald cut, which is a classic rectangular diamond cut with facets. Other people want a simpler type of diamond. In this situation, a baguette might be more appropriate.

Some people want a cut that draws attention to their ring and fingers. In this situation, ovals, emeralds, and cushions are going to be a great fit. Someone who is environmentally thoughtful might want to go with the princess cut diamond, as it uses up to 80% of the original rough diamond.

Which type of metal color is the best?

The type of metal for a women’s diamond wedding ring will depend upon the style of the ring, the preferences of the owner, and the type of hands that the ring will be worn on. You can get yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, white gold, and solid platinum. Here are some different things to keep in mind:

  • 14k gold is actually more durable than 18k gold.
  • 18k gold is more pure.
  • Gold color preference is often an individual preference; for example, many people like rose gold because it goes nicely with neutral colors.

Platinum is going to be more expensive because it is a more valuable metal. However, it is also stronger and more durable for those who are active.

What is diamond color grade in a women’s diamond wedding ring?

A diamond is considered more elegant if it is as colorless as possible. Grades D through E are going to be colorless, while the color of the diamond will increase the further down the scale that you go. Grades between E and H will be virtually colorless. In fact, with the naked eye, these grades are indistinguishable from Grades D and E.

Going with a customized women’s diamond wedding ring

There is one thing that is astounding about engagement and wedding rings. The vast majority of people who get a wedding or engagement ring, just over 95%, are satisfied with their ring. Sometimes, people prefer a custom ring for their wedding or engagement. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a custom women’s diamond wedding ring:

  • You get to decide what goes into your ring, everything from cut to metal.
  • You might be more closely connected to your ring if you’ve designed it yourself.
  • You get to see what you want to see without shopping around.
  • If you see what you want, you don’t have the stress of looking at different rings.

A customized women’s diamond engagement ring makes it easy to find the right ring.

Should a ring be a surprise?

Sometimes, it’s not appropriate for an engagement ring to be a surprise. In fact, about 31% of people choose to surprise their significant other with the ring. The rest of people buy their wedding ring together as a joint decision.

Today, the wedding band itself is actually not a surprise. The majority of couples will actually go to the jeweler and buy their rings together.

Where to find the women’s diamond wedding ring that is best suited for your fiancé

Around 31% of people will purchase their jewelry from a chain jeweler. However, they are not always best equipped to give you luxury or service. A luxury jeweler such as King of Jewelry is equipped to give you beauty, quality, luxury, and price. Most people, around 38%, tend to purchase their jewelry from an independent jewelry store with an online presence.

How do you budget for a women’s diamond wedding ring?

You’ll often hear different rules for how much money you should pay for an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Some people will say that you should plan on spending three months of your salary for a wedding ring. In actuality, there is not a right price range for your ideal wedding ring. Your ring is an investment in your relationship and your marriage. If you find a ring that you like that’s more on the expensive side, it’s worth purchasing.

Sometimes, people will often spend a little bit more on either their engagement ring or their wedding ring and get something a little bit less elaborate for the second ring. Other people might purchase an eternity band at their first or fifth anniversary.

Ultimately, the choice of purchasing a women’s diamond wedding ring is up to the couple. They should pick something that they like and will last for a lifetime.