Guide to Buying Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are the perfect present since they are classic and go with many different outfits. On the other hand, there are infinite ways to style diamond stud earrings. Choosing the ideal diamond cut, quality, and setting style for you or a loved one may be challenging. With the help of this guide, you will feel confident choosing the ideal pair of diamond stud earrings. 

The History of Earrings

Most earrings from the Sumerian period, which dates to 2600 BCE, are made of materials like gold, carnelian, and lapis lazuli. However, there are likely even earlier specimens that have been lost to time. Earrings made of metals like gold, silver, and bronze were standard during the time of the Minoan civilization, which flourished on the island of Crete between 3000 and 1100 BCE. Bronze Age Greece's Aegean culture demonstrates that hooped earrings were a popular fashion accessory worn by plenty of people as a statement of style. Males wore earrings, as shown by paintings showing such items and other archaeological discoveries from Ancient Persia. 

The 1922 discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb revealed that, despite not wearing earrings, the ancient king's earlobes were pierced. Given that his tomb contained earrings, it is pretty likely that he did wear earrings at some time during his life. Further investigation of his grave revealed that the ear portions of burial masks were perforated, with gold discs filling the openings. The discovery's lead archaeologist, Howard Carter, thinks that this indicates that children rather than adults wore earrings in Ancient Egypt. This may be seen in the fact that, until recently, only children in Egypt wore earrings regularly. 

According to biblical texts like Exodus, ancient civilizations had earrings, where chapters mention children's jewelry. By the time of the ancient era, women wore earrings mainly in Greece and Rome. Many Ainu men and women in Japan wore earrings as a part of their cultural history, even though the habit of males wearing earrings was forbidden in Japan in the 19th century and was seen as an eastern custom.

History of Stud Earrings

Did you know that stud earrings date back 7,000 years in history? When they first entered the society in ancient Asia, they were worn mainly by males to signify, among other things, higher social status. This little fashion item has changed throughout its history, influencing all cultures. They have made a lasting impression on every period throughout their honorable history, with each stage leaving behind particular importance. The history of stud earrings is incredibly extensive; they are rich in culture, art, and history, and they are a ready-to-wear fashion statement. 

Guidelines for Diamond Stud Earring Quality 

Contrary to common assumption, engagement rings have higher quality requirements than diamond studs. The higher quality standards are mostly because engagement rings are more noticeable than diamond studs. People are more likely to ask to view the diamond up close if it is in your hand than your ear.

Unlike engagement rings, diamond studs are less concerned with the 4C grades of clarity and color. For clarity, minor imperfections like exterior faults and even slight inclusions will be harder to see on earrings than on a necklace or bracelet. A lesser color grade can also be suitable depending on one's skin tone and hair color. 

The single 4C grade in diamond studs that you shouldn't skimp on is cutting. The cut of a diamond ultimately has the most significant impact on how sparkly and beautiful it appears. 

Cuts of Diamonds for Studs 

Round, Asscher, and princess-cut diamonds are the three most preferred forms for diamond stud earrings, in that order. Generally, any diamond with more proportionate dimensions can create stud earrings. Because of this, the round versions of the princess and Asscher are so well-liked. Emerald-cut diamond stud earrings are also a popular choice. 

On the other hand, marquise and pear-shaped diamonds are seldom used in stud earrings. Their unique forms make pears and marquises with mismatched proportions simple to identify. Consequently, finding a pair of diamond stud earrings that are an exact match is challenging. The shape of the diamond is entirely up to you. 

Size and Carat Weight

Choosing a certain carat weight is primarily a question of taste. A reduced carat weight could be preferable for people with weak or sagging ears. Your earlobes may start to sag if you wear heavy earrings for a long time. A more considerable carat weight could make this issue worse. 

Remember that the "total carat weight" indicated for a pair of diamond studs refers to the pair as a whole, not to each stud individually. For instance, each pair of 1ct earrings weighs five carats. Fortunately, other 4C qualities like clarity and color may be purchased for less, allowing you to buy a greater carat weight. 

Diamond Stud Earrings Certification 

What significance does the diamond studs' certification have? Many jewelers do not provide credentials for grading pre-set diamond studs. Make sure the diamonds have a GIA or AGS certification if you're creating your stud earrings from scratch. 

Diamond Studs in Various Colors 

If you hunt long and hard enough, you can discover fancy colored diamond studs in any hue. The most widely distributed diamond stud earrings in shops and online are yellow or black. 

Because they may be highly uncommon and valuable, fancy-colored diamonds other than white or yellow, including pink or blue, are usually utilized in jewelry items other than earrings. Because earrings are the most common jewelry item to be lost, diamond cutters prefer to spend their money on a colored diamond pendant or ring. 

Settings for Stud Earrings

The settings and backs of stud earrings are their most distinctive design elements, with the diamond's shape coming in second. Prong and basket settings are most often used for diamond studs. 

Both of these timeless, understated settings showcase diamonds to their most significant advantage. A halo setting is chosen by many of our clients who buy diamond stud earrings to increase the shine of the diamonds. A diamond halo will make earrings with a lesser carat weight seem better. 

Both classic and minimal settings designs draw attention to the diamond. Many clients who want a bit more glitter choose halo diamond stud earrings. A diamond halo may enhance earrings with lesser carat weights. 

Another preferred style is martini earrings. The diamond is firmly held in place in a martini setting by three prongs. Compared to alternative locations like a prong or basket, putting the diamond in the form of a martini glass enables the diamond to be positioned closer to the earlobe. 

If you have delicate ears, earrings should be set with precious metals so that you may wear and appreciate them for a long time. The ideal materials are platinum and 18kt yellow gold for those allergic to nickel or sensitive ears. 

Backs of Stud Earrings 

When looking for diamond earrings, you should look for earrings with a safe and secure backing to prevent losing your earrings. The most typical earring backing is the push backing, sometimes referred to as a butterfly backing or a friction backing. Push backing is a standard option since they're simple to put on and remove. 

Some earring fans choose screw-backs. Screw-back stud earrings are more secure since they have a bigger diameter. The ideal option for diamond studs is a screw-back. In other words, those who don't wear them often could find it difficult and time-consuming to put on or take off screwback earrings. Watch out for sore earlobes! 

It's crucial to emphasize that fashion should always be about the person wearing it. To choose the ideal carat weight, diamond shape, and mounting style, consider your skin tone, hair color, and face proportions. You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to customizing diamond stud earrings, so use that as your guide.

Stud Earrings in Fashion 

Unlike any other jewelry, a pair of stud earrings is every woman's go-to fashion accessory. You can easily match this multipurpose earring type with any outfit in your closet because of its versatility and simplicity. If you love jewelry, stud earrings will be a great addition to your wardrobe. These jewelry staples will keep you stylish and elegant for almost every event, from social gatherings and job interviews to weddings and dating evenings. 

Solitaire Stud Earrings 

There's nothing more satisfying than investing in a couple of pairs of diamond or colorful gemstone stud earrings as you'll wear them for many years. While diamond studs are the definition of timeless elegance, bright gemstone studs are just what you need to add a splash of color to your outfit. Several possibilities include sapphire, emerald, ruby, aquamarine, opal, amethyst, tanzanite, pink tourmaline, and peridot. Either go with your birthstone or choose the diamond that has always captured your attention with its alluring shine. 

Floral Stud Earrings 

If you believe that one stone is insufficient, you may choose from two-, three-, cluster-, or even designs in which the main stone is surrounded by accent stones. Your cocktail dress or embroidered gown will look beautiful with a set of vintage-inspired stud earrings. Choose the metal that most reflects your sense of style, whether it be yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, or silver. While solitaire patterns work well with formal clothing, flowery or heart-shaped ones fit nicely with your airy summer ensembles. A Halo diamond stud has one main diamond with smaller diamonds encircling it which adds to the added sparkle. 

Earrings with a diamond or precious stone stud are ideal for everyday wear and special events. Additionally, they combine well with various clothes, color schemes, and facial expressions. These earrings may be worn alone or paired with a pendant, bracelet, or ring to complete your ensemble. You may create a stunning fashion statement by slipping on your favorite pair, whether for the day or the evening.

If you need help choosing a pair of stud earrings, contact King of Jewelry today and we will help you find the perfect pair!