How to Find out the Ring Recipient’s Size

When the moment comes to surprise your partner with a diamond ring, you want everything to be perfect–the romantic background, your heartfelt speech, and slipping a beautiful engagement ring onto their finger. You want everything to go according to your plan for this exciting experience. So, when you slip the custom diamond ring onto their finger, and it won't budge past the knuckle, it can take a little bit of the excitement out of the air. 

Though the ring size can be altered at a later date, it's nice to have the right size for the proposal so they can start wearing it right away. However, some people want to surprise the recipient, which makes ring measurement rather tricky. If you are looking for some of the best ways to measure your partner's finger without them wising up to your engagement ring plans, we'll go over the basics of ring measurements and sneaky tips for getting it done without them knowing about your plan.

How to Measure the Finger

One of the easiest ways to measure fingers for an engagement ring is to use a finger-size strip. This piece of paper will wrap around the ring finger with the numbers on the outer side. You should pull the paper to make sure that the fit is snug but not too tight. The numbers will show what ring size is best. 

If you already have a ring that fits on the intended finger, you can simply line up the ring with size models to see the correct size.

Using the Chart

Different countries have separate ring charts. For the US and Canada, sizes can range from three to thirteen and can also be calculated from millimeters. 

Keeping It a Secret

Gifting your partner a custom diamond ring is an exciting moment. Many people like to keep engagement plans as a surprise to add to the excitement and create a special memory that you both will cherish for years to come. Though this can be a great plan for some couples, measuring for rings can become quite tricky when you're trying to be nonchalant about it. We'll go over some tips to ensure that you get the right-sized diamond ring without your partner suspecting anything. 

Check out Their Other Jewelry

If they already have a ring that they wear on their finger, then you'll want to try to replicate those measurements. However, if you choose this route, you must be careful. A ring that they wear on their little finger or thumb will not be the same size as their ring finger. Make sure that you see them wear the ring on the correct finger at least once in the near past, so you're sure that it's the correct size.

There are several ways to get the measurements of the ring they already have without them noticing it's missing. One of the ways is to imprint the ring and take the imprint to the jeweler. You can do this by pressing the ring down into a bar of soap or down a long wax candle stick. Just wash off any soap or wax so they won't be suspicious. 

Another way to get the measurement is to simply trace their ring onto a piece of paper. Use a pencil to outline the inner circumference of the ring. The jeweler will be able to determine the size from your drawing.

Be Subtle

One of the key tips to ensuring the custom diamond ring you give your partner will be a surprise is subtlety. For instance, if you are looking for ways to incorporate ring size or looks into a conversation, avoid asking out-of-the-blue questions. 

If a jewelry commercial pops up while you two are watching your favorite shows, comment on the style or fit of the rings. They will often jump in with their opinions on rings you can use for your jewelry shopping. 

Sneakily Measure While They Sleep

If subtly asking for their ring size is not working for you, then measuring their finger while they sleep might be a good solution. You can do this by using a piece of string to wrap around their ring finger. Make a mark on the string with tape or a marker to give to the jeweler. Just make sure to measure the left hand. Fingers are often larger on the dominant hand, so you must measure the correct hand to get accurate measurements. 

Get Help from Their Family and Friends

It's possible that their family or friends might have better luck figuring out their ring size without suspicion. They won't be expecting an engagement ring from their friend, so friends might be able to ask more direct questions about ring sizes. Also, your partner's family might already know their ring size, so it doesn't hurt to enlist their help in determining accurate sizing. If you ask someone for their help, make sure that you emphasize that you are planning a surprise, so they don't accidentally spill the beans to your partner. Encourage them to remain subtle and not give anything away. 

What Happens if You Accidentally Measure Incorrectly?

Sometimes, you can do everything right and still not get a perfect size. Luckily, even a custom diamond ring can be resized. If you want a looser fit or need it to fit more snugly, jewelers can alter the size to fit your partner's needs and preferences.

Shopping for engagement rings is an exciting experience. The ring is symbolic of all the new beginnings and changes that are about to happen. With such a big moment, you want to make sure the experience is perfect and memorable for your partner, which is why surprising them with a beautiful engagement ring is a popular proposal idea. If you're looking to surprise them with a ring, take a look at all of our diamond ring options. We can help you find the perfect stone and figure out ring measurements for a memorable proposal.