Modern Diamond Ring Trends

In 2022, engagement rings and wedding band trends focused more on uniqueness and individuality than on tradition and expectation. As they purchase their rings, different metal styles, more elegant diamond cuts, and different settings are on couples' minds. Let's look at some of the different ring styles and diamond cuts trending in jewelry stores this year, as well as other unique trends in the jewelry industry.

Hidden halo diamond rings

Hidden halo rings are a great way to make your diamond sparkle without breaking the bank on the stone. Hidden halo rings can make the stone look 15% more brilliant. For those looking to add several smaller diamonds to the band, a hidden halo ring can be a cost-effective way to add more sparkle to the ring.

It is also easier to customize hidden halo rings in recent years. Different cuts of diamonds all look great on hidden halo rings. Additionally, the way the stone is set also ensures that your ring will always sparkle.

Rose gold and yellow gold are always popular choices

While rose gold and yellow gold are always popular choices for band colors, these choices increased in demand during the last year. While rose gold is a great way to convey your feelings and get a "yes" to your "I do," yellow gold often symbolizes the different emotions and the tradition behind the institution of marriage. While many people opt for metals other than gold, such as platinum, traditional choices such as rose and yellow gold will always be a constant.


Making the proposal

Traditionally, an engagement is a very cut and dry proposal. The male partner will purchase the ring and propose during a special occasion, such as a night out. However, more and more women are buying a ring and proposing. In 2010, only 5% of marriages originated from the female partner proposing. In 2019, as many as 16% of marriages originated from the female partner proposing.

Reflecting the trend, King of Jewelry carries a wide variety of men's diamond rings. These rings are suitable for engagements, wedding bands, and even for special occasions such as anniversaries.

Increasing the sparkle with pavé diamond rings

While hidden halo rings are a great way to add brilliance to the center stone, pavé rings are great to add zest to the sparkle all around. "Pavé," a French word, translates to paved. A pavé design ring features small diamonds all along the ring's band. Not only do they add a beautiful texture to the ring, but they also can make a smaller diamond look more elegant.

Oval-cut diamonds and other elegant diamond cuts

While elegance is most often associated with more traditional diamond cuts, like the emerald, other types of diamond cuts are growing popular. For example, oval-cut diamonds tend to draw attention to the hand and make the fingers look a little longer. In addition, it is common to see more elegant cuts appearing in rings designed to draw attention to the center stone itself.

Additionally, more people personalize their engagement ring with a cut intended to capture the essence of the recipient's personality. For example, the Asscher-cut diamond produces brilliance, unlike any other diamond, primarily because of its high crown. An Asscher-cut diamond might make a perfect fit for those seeking a more noble ring design.

More people are focusing on the thought behind the ring

People are also focusing more on the thought behind the ring, not just the diamond and style choices that go into it. The result is that more people are taking longer to decide on a ring, and some people will choose a custom option if they cannot find something they like.

Younger people also tend to be more socially conscious regarding the decisions they make when buying a ring. For example, millennials are more willing to pay for a naturally mined, conflict-free diamond than a manufactured one. Additionally, people tend to be more open to paying more for a diamond knowing that the natural version will increase in value over time and that it's one-of-a-kind.


Celebrity ring trends drive choices when it comes to the rings people purchase

Many people go to the jewelry store with a design in mind because one of their favorite celebrities has it. For example, hidden halos, diamond-accented bands, and other unique details can add sparkle and pizazz to the ring. For example, when Justin Bieber proposed to his fiancé, he chose an elegant 10-carat oval-cut diamond. Many people will choose their preferred diamond cut and ring setting based on what the people they admire are wearing.

Saving for and paying for the ring

There is an old jeweler's saying that you should plan on saving at least three months of salary for an engagement or a wedding ring. However, it's easier in 2022 to save towards or arrange payments for a ring. According to The College Investor, most young people elect financing for their ring. Other people choose to be thrifty. They might start with a more straightforward, less elegant engagement ring and spend a little more on the wedding band itself. Other couples will even wait longer for a more sleek ring. Finally, they might elect to get a simple engagement and wedding band set and buy an eternity band when they are on solid financial footing.

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