Popular Three-Stone Diamond Ring Styles

Solitaire engagement rings are thought to be the most "traditional," but three-stone rings are also considered to be elegant and classic. DeBeers was the first company to sell a three-stone engagement ring on a large scale. The company advertised the style as a way to show a couple's "past, present, and future."

Three stone rings, also called trinity or trilogy rings, are still a popular choice for engagements, anniversaries, and other important dates in a relationship. The style of the ring has a religious meaning because it looks like the Holy Trinity, but it has also been used to represent "friendship, love, loyalty," and "mother, father, child" in a more secular way.

Here are some of the most popular diamond ring settings people choose to express their love and what to consider.


Most three-stone ring settings have one larger center stone and two smaller side stones of the same size on either side or one center stone that is the same size as the two side stones. If you choose a design with two smaller side stones, they should be between half and a third of the size of the center stone. Asymmetrical designs aren't very common, but some people still choose them. On many occasions, the two smaller side stones will often have an individual weight that is equal or less than that of the center stone.

No matter what design is chosen, it's essential to think about the size of the center stone since that's usually the first step in making a ring. The size of the center stone determines how big or small the side stones are.

The cut of the diamond

Even though the style of the gemstones is up to the wearer, there are some types of gemstones that work well with the three-stone setting. The best shapes for a three-stone setting are round, cushion, radiant, and emerald. Many have used side stones with baguettes or trillion cuts, which go well with the central stone in a subtle way. The cut of the diamond helps inform the personality and symbolism that is conveyed by the ring. Here are a few guidelines to help inform your decision on the type of diamond cut that you go with:

  • Baguettes will always work as a side stone for most diamond cuts, especially if they are tapered.
  • Round cuts will also look good to complement more elegant center stone cuts, like emerald and oval cuts.
  • If you are going with an oval, you might want to consider something like moon shaped side stones, to help the centerstone look even more elegant.

Generally speaking, your centerstone and side stones will provide a nice contrast to one another to create balance and symmetry. The side stones can draw attention to the center stone, making it appear more cohesive.

Halo and pave designs are also an attractive option for a three-stone diamond ring. A halo setting will not only draw attention to the centerstone, but will also make the ring stand out from afar. In a halo setting, the side stones help with the brightness and overall elegance of the centerstone.

The intended meaning and occasion for the ring

Three-stone diamond ring settings are extremely popular for engagement rings. The promise of the past, present, and future make a three-stone setting perfect for the occasion of an engagement. That being said, a three-stone diamond ring will make the perfect ring setting for your wedding or an anniversary. For some people, the three-stone diamond ring also commemorates family. Some couples will switch their existing bands out for a three-stone diamond ring with the birth of their first child.

Which celebrities have worn three-stone diamond rings?

Many celebrities have worn three-stone diamond rings. These include everyone from Meghan Markle to Christina Ricci. Meghan Markle's three-stone diamond ring is something to behold. Her original engagement ring was of the three-stone variety. The centerstone is a cushion cut diamond from Botswana adorned by two smaller stones. When Megan was pregnant, her three-stone diamond ring underwent a radical transformation. The redesigned ring now features a yellow gold band adorned with smaller pave diamonds.

Demi Lovato also boasts a beautiful three-stone diamond ring. This ring features a stunning emerald-cut center stone surrounded by trapezoidal side stones. This diamond is valued at about $5 million.

Do yellow diamonds look good on 3-stone diamond ring settings?

Fancy yellow diamonds look amazing as the centerstone or the side stones on a three-stone diamond ring setting. Many people prefer to work with a radiant cut yellow diamond for their center stone. The typical three-stone setting with a yellow diamond centerstone will involve smaller traditional diamonds as side stones. Ultimately, a white gold or platinum metal band will help augment the beauty of the ring, making the gift all that more special to the recipient.

Can men also get three-stone diamond rings?

There are even a handful of men's three-stone diamond rings that are elegant and classy. The diamonds on a men's three-stone ring tend to be a little bit more simple and utilize the same cut and are of equal size. If you are looking for a stylish men's three-stone setting, a band with a Celtic design or simple round cut diamonds will help you convey the intended meaning. 

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