Round cut vs. Cushion cut

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Versus Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Round cut vs. Cushion cut

The best quality of a diamond depends on Brilliance and Sparkle and both of them heavily depend on its Cut. Diamond Cut is the Most Complicated but important part of the ‘Four Cs’ to Understand.

The Round Cut vs. Cushion Cut Diamond:

Diamonds are the most classic options for your jewelry, Round cut and cushion cut diamonds both are very pretty.

But when you have to decide between these two diamond shapes, which one should you pick?

In this post, We will compare these diamond shapes in SIX categories:







That will help you to make the best decision.

Round Cut Diamonds:         

    Round Cut Characteristics

After the development of modern diamond cutting technology and a breakthrough in diamond research regarding proportion and symmetry, the round brilliant was born and It's the most popular diamond shape now. It will ensure more flexibility in terms of balancing 4 C's (cut, color, clarity and Carat) grades while still getting the sparkle and brilliance you want.


Cushion Cut Characteristics

The cushion cut diamond is an elegantly shaped diamond (sometimes square or squarish and rounded corners), the name came from its shape, which has recently gained popularity because of the heightened demand for vintage-style jewelry. Combining the cut characteristics of both the round and the oval, the Cushion Cut diamond’s rounded corners and larger facets increase this special diamond's brilliance. When viewed from above, this shape looks like a square with rounded corners, just like a cushion.

Round Cut vs. Cushion Cut Diamond: Style

They are quite different when it comes to style. Round cut Engagement Rings are highly classic and Elegant. It could be an excellent choice for the people who have a traditional sense of style. On the other hand, cushion cut diamonds are known for it's vintage style but, due to their gently curving shape, they are also considered rather gorgeous and romantic. Cushion cut Engagement Rings are a hot option for the people with trendy and vintage style sense. It could be the best choice to express your romantic heart without saying any word.

Round Cut vs. Cushion Cut Diamond: BRILLIANCE AND SPARKLE

Both are elegant and gorgeous diamond shapes in the way they express BRILLIANCE AND SPARKLE a bit different.

When a diamond catches light, it reflects and refracts that light, then emits it. This is what makes a diamond look sparkly. 

A diamond’s sparkle is actually made of two types of light: 

  1. White light (called brilliance)
  2. Rainbow light (called fire).

Both of them have great brilliance and fire. But, round cut diamonds have the most brilliance on the other hand cushion cuts have the most fire.


  • Symmetry: The intentness of the Cut Design, Especially the Facets. How intensely it has been cut and polished, How each facet aligns with the others. If the symmetry of facets in a diamond is average, it reduces the brilliance because of the misdirection of lights.
  •  Shape:

Diamonds can be found in many different shapes. When thinking of diamonds, many will instantly think of the classic round diamond shape.

 There is no doubt that the round brilliant is the most popular shape but if you’re looking for something different, something vintage must have to go for Cushion shape.

 DIAMOND SIZE: Different diamond shapes will look like different sizes, even if they have the same carat weight. This is because some diamond shapes have a higher table surface area (the area on the top of the diamond).

  •  Round MM Size  -  Round Carat Weight

0.8 mm.     - 0.0025 ct.
1 mm.        - 0.005 ct.
1.1 mm.     - 0.0067 ct.
1.2 mm.     - 0.009 ct.
1.25 mm.   -  0.01 ct.
1.3 mm.     - 0.01 ct.
1.5 mm.     - 0.015 ct.
1.75 mm.   - 0.02 ct.
1.8 mm.     - 0.025 ct.
2 mm.        - 0.03 ct.
2.2 mm.     - 0.04 ct.
2.5 mm.     - 0.06 ct.
2.75 mm.   - 0.08 ct.
3 mm.        - 0.10 ct.
3.25 mm.   - 0.14 ct.
3.5 mm.     - 0.17 ct.
3.75 mm.   - 0.21 ct.
4 mm.        - 0.25 ct.
4.25 mm.   - 0.28 ct.
4.5 mm.     - 0.36 ct.
4.75 mm.   - 0.44 ct.
5.0 mm.     - 0.50 ct.
5.25 mm.   - 0.56 ct.
5.5 mm.     - 0.66 ct.
5.75 mm.   - 0.75 ct.
6 mm.        - 0.84 ct.
6.25 mm.   - 0.93 ct.
6.5 mm.     - 1.00 ct.
6.8 mm.     - 1.25 ct.
7 mm.        - 1.30 ct.
7.3 mm.     - 1.50 ct.
7.5 mm.     - 1.67 ct.
7.75 mm.   - 1.75 ct.
8 mm.        - 2.00 ct.
8.25 mm.   - 2.11 ct.
8.5 mm.     - 2.43 ct.
8.7 mm.     - 2.50 ct.
9 mm.        - 2.75 ct.
9.1 mm.     - 3.00 ct.
9.5 mm.     - 3.35 ct.
9.75 mm.   - 3.61 ct.
10 mm.      - 3.87 ct.
10.25 mm. - 4.16 ct.
10.5 mm.   - 4.41 ct.
10.75 mm. - 4.57 ct.
11 mm.      - 4.91 ct.
11.25 mm. - 5.49 ct.
11.5 mm.   - 5.85 ct.
12 mm.       - 6.84 ct.
12.25 mm.  - 7.26 ct.
12.5 mm.    - 7.36 ct.
12.75 mm.  - 7.52 ct.
13 mm.       - 8.51 ct.
13.5 mm.    - 9.53 ct.
14 mm.       - 10.49 ct.
15 mm.       - 12.89 ct.
16 mm.       - 16.06 ct.

  •  Cushion MM Size - Cushion Carat Weight

4.2 mm.                  - 0.40 ct.
4.9 mm.                  - 0.50 ct.
5.25 mm.                - 0.75 ct.
5.5 mm.                  - 1.00 ct.
6 mm.                     - 1.25 ct.
6.5 mm.                  - 1.50 ct.
7 mm.                     - 2.00 ct.
7.5 mm.                  - 2.50 ct.
8 mm.                     - 3.00 ct.
8.5 mm.                  - 3.50 ct.
9 mm.                     - 4.12 ct.
9.5 mm.                  - 5.09 ct.
10 mm.                   - 5.62 ct.
11 mm.                   - 7.44 ct.
12 mm.                   - 9.52 ct.
13 mm.                   - 12.66 ct.

Round Cut vs. Cushion Cut Diamond: Price

 This is the area where cushion cut diamonds will squarely beat round diamonds. All of us know that there is a price difference between round and cushion diamonds.

 Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive diamond shape in the world.

 First reason is the creation of a round brilliant diamond leads to more raw diamond waste, automatically, it increases the making cost so that the selling price is also high.

 Secondly, CUSHION CUT DIAMONDS are also CALLED "FANCY SHAPED". Fancy shaped diamonds are a category that includes many shapes such as princess, emerald, pear, oval, marquise, Asscher, etc. These shapes are less expensive as there is less waste when cutting them. That's why they cost less expensive.

 The 3rd reason is the popularity and high demand of round cut diamonds.

 Definitely cushion cut diamonds are much more affordable than round diamonds.

 Even, If cushion cut and round cut diamonds have the same carat weight and qualities, for sure the cushion cut diamond will cost 20% to 40% less . As the vintage jewelry is getting popularity cushion cut diamonds also rising it's price a bit.

 However, cushion cut is still more affordable than round cut diamonds.

Cushion Cut Diamond RingRound Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

SCINTILLATION: This term used to indicate the light reflected by a diamond.

Round and Cushion cut diamonds have different types of scintillation.

Both of them have excellent brilliance (the white light reflected by a diamond) and fire (the colored light reflected by a diamond) when they are well cut.

But, Round cut diamonds have the most brilliance than cushion cut diamonds and Cushion cut diamonds have the most fire.

Now, It's up to you whether you prefer the high brilliance of a round cut diamond vs. the high fire of a cushion cut diamond for your precious jewelry.

 Conclusion: When it comes to choosing a cushion cut vs. a round cut diamond, the decision will depend on your fashion sense and personal preference.

If you want a classic and elegant jewelry then it will be round cut or you are looking for a trendy and vintage jewelry then go for the cushion cut.

If you have a budget concern, then the cushion is much more affordable.

Both are beautiful even so before buying think twice that A diamond is an investment piece that will bring enjoyment for a lifetime. If your heart is telling you that budget doesn't matter only class and quality does, then the round diamond is the one for you, we would suggest you to close your eyes and follow your heart and go with the diamond shape you believe you’ll adore for years to come.  

We hope this guide has been helpful to you to make a good decision.