The Elegant Brilliance of Emerald Cut Diamonds

If you're after a classic and elegant diamond, then you'll appreciate the emerald cut. As one of the oldest diamond cuts, the emerald diamond has an elegant and vintage style that many people desire. Though it doesn't have the level of sparkle commonly found in round or princess-cut diamonds, it is still highly sought after due to its brilliance and beautiful shine. 

Emerald-cut diamonds are a unique and vintage option for engagement rings. Smaller emerald diamonds are also commonly used as flanking gemstones beside a larger center stone. Additionally, they look beautiful set with other types of jewelry, like bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. 

We'll go over the details of the emerald-cut diamond, including its long history. We'll also go over some of the best settings to pair with your emerald diamonds so that you can find the perfect diamond for whatever special occasion you have in mind.

What Is an Emerald Cut Diamond?

An Emerald cut is a uniquely shaped diamond cut distinct for its clean lines and symmetry. It has a long, rectangular shape and step cuts. You'll notice the deep clarity thanks to the large surface area of the table. Because of this design, you'll need to pay particular attention to clarity grade when you purchase an emerald diamond. If you opt for a lower clarity grade, you'll likely see inclusions in the diamond. Color is also more noticeable with emeralds, so you'll need to opt for an emerald cut with higher grades in color. With lower grades, you'll easily notice tinges of yellow or brown. 

What Is the History of the Emerald Cut Diamond?

The style of the emerald-cut diamond can be traced back to the 1500s. Originally this style of cut was used for emerald gemstones, as this style prevented nicks and cracks. However, everyone admired the clean and symmetrical step cuts, so diamond cutters soon adopted the emerald cut too. 

In the 1920s, the art deco era was in full swing. This movement favored clean geometric lines and symmetry, so the emerald-cut diamond became highly prized. Its elegance and simplicity have continued to attract many people, even after the art deco period. However, emerald cuts are not nearly as popular as its heyday in the 1920s, so you'll often find that they cost significantly less than modern round diamonds.

What Settings Pair Well With the Emerald Cut Diamond?

The Emerald cut diamond is a retro cut with clean lines and beautiful symmetry. It pairs well with a lot of different settings, whether you want a simple minimalist look or a more elaborate one. We'll go over some of the most popular settings you should consider pairing with an emerald diamond.

Solitaire Setting

The solitaire setting is a classic engagement-style ring. With the center stone as the main focal point, you'll want to be sure to get the best possible emerald cut. For this style, you may want to opt for a bigger diamond size since it will be the only stone on the band. 

Halo Setting

If you're after a ring with a little more bling, then you should consider going with the halo setting. With this option, the emerald diamond is encircled with smaller diamonds. Usually, the smaller diamonds are brilliant styles like the round or princess cuts. With the brilliant smaller diamonds surrounding the emerald cuts, you'll have a considerable amount of sparkle. 

The emerald cut, while having plenty of shine and beauty, doesn't have the sparkle of these cuts that a lot of people desire. By opting for a large emerald cut as the center stone, you can potentially save quite a bit of money as this type of diamond is typically significantly less expensive than a brilliant cut. 

Three-Stone Setting

If you're looking for a ring with character and uniqueness, you should consider the three-stone setting. With this setting, there are a few different style variations possible. For instance, you could have a large center emerald stone flanked by two round stones. Another possibility is to use three emerald stones, but with the outer two stones in a smaller size. If you want the most brilliance, you might want to consider a large brilliant round diamond in the center and place smaller emerald stones on the side of it.

Pave Setting

The pave setting is a great option if you like simple designs with plenty of sparkle. It features small diamonds set into the band of the ring to give an added touch of radiance. However, the brilliance is not overpowering, so you'll still be able to keep the focus on the center ring. 

When Might You Give Someone an Emerald Cut Diamond?

There are a lot of occasions to get someone an emerald-cut diamond. One of the most common scenarios is an engagement ring. Many couples love the simple and elegant look of emerald diamonds. It also pairs well with a lot of popular settings. So if you want to add more sparkle or brilliance to the emerald diamond, you'll be able to go with a more elaborate setting. 

Emerald diamonds are also popular as other types of jewelry, like stud earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. If you're looking for a special gift to give someone, they'll likely appreciate the timelessness of the emerald-cut diamond. 

Emerald diamonds are a simple and elegant option for an engagement ring or other type of jewelry. They're highly valued for their clean and symmetrical appearance. Though you'll need to pay close attention to the clarity and color while shopping for an emerald cut, you'll appreciate its beauty once you've found the right one. We have a large selection of all types of diamond cuts, including emerald-cut diamonds.