The Guide For Buying Engagement Rings for Men

More and more men are receiving and wearing engagement rings after a proposal. A study by The Knot found that in 2020, 5% of men wore wedding rings. In 2021, that number increased to 5%. Popular male celebrities also are starting to wear engagement rings. Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, and Michael Buble are all celebrities who wore engagement rings after their proposal. Let’s take a look at some tips to finding the right engagement ring for men.

Do men wear engagement rings?

More and more women are proposing to men. In 2010, only 5% of women actually proposed to men. That number increased to 16% by 2020. Men wear engagement rings because a ring symbolizes the intention of marriage and spending a lifetime. An engagement ring, no matter who it comes from in a relationship, is the start of a unique love story, where people can choose to follow traditions or chart their own path.

Engagement rings for men have a long and rich history. The first maker of men’s engagement rings in the United States was L. Bamberger and Co. In 1926, this company started advertising men’s engagement rings in local newspapers. In the 1940s, engagement rings for men grew immensely popular as Humphrey Bogart began wearing them.

How to pick the right engagement ring for the man in your life

The first thing to take into consideration when purchasing an engagement ring for a man is the type of metal. Gold is a traditional type of metal for men’s engagement rings. It’s durable and will last a lifetime. There are options in terms of preference, style, and skin tone. You could pick traditional yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. Platinum is a suitable choice if you choose to include diamonds in the band. Other metals include tungsten, titanium, and cobalt for something a little bit different.

You might also want to consider the type of personality when purchasing an engagement ring for your boyfriend. Someone who works with their hands will need a stronger metal, like tungsten or cobalt. Someone who is a little bit more traditional will enjoy gold. Contemporary metals are better for more customized engagement rings.

Thickness and ring size

The most common width for a men’s engagement ring is 8 mm. However, there are thicker options. Some rings are very thin, with only 2 mm of thickness. Another consideration for men’s engagement rings is the ring size. The best fit for a male will slide gently over the knuckle, but fit snugly. Your jeweler can help you find the right ring size, as they will have a sizing chart that will help you match a ring size with the diameter of your finger.

Choosing the right diamond

Traditionally, men’s engagement rings and wedding bands were minimal in terms of diamonds or were just a plain metal band. Today, it is extremely common for a man’s engagement ring to have a center diamond or a band of diamonds. For example, a yellow gold pave ring with an exterior band of diamonds is an elegant, classy engagement ring.

Choosing a diamond color is also going to be a factor. G, H, I, and J grades are going to be the best value. These diamonds have a tiny hue, but will almost appear colorless to the unaided eye.

Budgeting for an engagement ring

There are many rules out there for budgeting for a wedding ring. Some jewelers will recommend that you save at least two month’s salary for an engagement ring. The best way to budget for a wedding ring is to think of it as a good investment. Instead of purchasing a ring based upon the cost, think about the style, cut of diamond, and metal that is appropriate for the recipient.

Don’t be afraid to do something untraditional

Engagement rings for men are a break in tradition. So it’s okay to choose something that is not traditional. Women’s rings used to be exquisite and elaborate while men’s engagement rings and wedding bands were simple. Today, it might be common for an engagement ring for a man to have a larger set of stones, flashier design, and be made of a contemporary jmetal.

Buy your engagement ring at the right time

Make sure to buy the engagement ring at least a few months before you propose if you are buying the wedding ring as a surprise. This gives you time to make sure that the proposal goes smoothly. If you are buying a ring as a couple, you may want to plan the ring purchase while you are planning things such as engagement photos and the actual wedding itself.

Tips for proposing

Traditionally, engagement rings were purchased by the couple individually. Today, it is becoming more commonplace for a couple to shop for their engagement rings together. Getting the engagement ring together will allow the couple to go through different designs that each one likes. Purchasing a set of engagement rings together will also take the stress off one another. Getting the engagement ring set together will also help strengthen the bond of the proposal.

If you are looking to propose to your boyfriend, there are a couple of thoughtful things to think about. A ring is not a must-have, but it definitely sweetens the significance of the moment. When you propose, you’ll want to have a thoughtful gift for the moment, such as a watch in addition to your ring. You will also want to have a photographer to capture the moment.

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