The Ultimate Guide to Buying Men's Diamond Rings

Many men sport diamond rings for engagements, weddings, and other occasions. For example, you might have seen some celebrities, such as Ed Sheeran, wearing an engagement ring. In a research study by The Knot, six percent of men received an engagement ring in a heterosexual relationship. That may not seem like a considerable number, but engagement rings for men have increased dramatically since 2007. Roughly 56% of men are looking for an engagement ring, and more than two-thirds of men are open to wearing an engagement ring. Let's review a few buying considerations when purchasing a men's diamond ring.

Why are diamond rings becoming more appealing to men?

Men and women are changing how they think about relationships. Traditionally, the male proposes to his fiancé with an engagement ring. However, more and more couples purchase their engagement ring together. Engagement rings historically stated that a bride-to-be was off the market. However, when a couple sports an engagement ring, it sends a message that a wedding is on the horizon, and both are committed to planning a successful marriage. Also, the groom is no longer claiming the bride. The engagement rings now symbolize a couple's love and commitment.

How long have men's diamond rings been a "thing?"

Diamond rings for men are not a new thing. The first men's diamond bands for marriage were advertised in a newspaper in New Jersey in 1926. L. Bamberger & Co. placed the ads hoping that couples would spend more money buying a set of two rings. Unfortunately, these rings never took off, as men didn't actively wear wedding rings or engagement rings until the 1940s.

Celebrities have recently added to the men's diamond ring appeal. Celebrities like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Colin Jost, Justin Bieber, Russell Wilson, and Prince Harry have worn wedding rings. Justin Beiber's wedding band came from Tiffany, while The Rock's solid-gold ring is studded with diamonds. Celebrities have helped men's diamond rings gain popularity over the years.

Over time, men's diamond rings have evolved from simple metal bands to more extravagant designs. Today, some men wear elaborate diamond rings made from elegant metals, such as platinum, instead of simple steel rings. Some men even go so far as to wear rose gold rings as a symbol of commitment to their significant other. Equal marriage has also increased the number of men purchasing diamond rings for an engagement or as a wedding band.

The tradition of the man giving a ring is also changing. The formal proposal goes back to Ancient Rome, where men would provide a ring as part of the dowry. However, giving a ring no longer indicates ownership, as many couples get rings as a promise of their love, commitment, and unity as a couple. Today, the status quo for giving rings is about the meaning.

Eternity bands are also becoming popular for men. While these bands were designed originally for a significant anniversary or life event, their unique, ornate design also makes them appropriate for an engagement or wedding. Some of the most popular engagement designs for men include channel settings and eternity bands because of how they elegantly display the diamonds.

Should you purchase his diamond ring as a surprise?

Very few people buy the recipient a ring without involving them in the process. Most couples consult when purchasing a diamond ring. Around ten percent of couples buy their ring together. Thirty percent of couples choose a ring, but buy without the other party. Twenty-five percent of people discuss their ring preferences beforehand.

If you buy a men's diamond ring, the odds indicate that you are likely a bit non-traditional. Therefore, it's likely best to consult him before you purchase a ring. At the very least, the recipient should like the style and design.

What type of ring metal is best for a men's diamond ring?

Historically, men's rings were pretty plain. Common metal types included tungsten, titanium, cobalt, and even ceramic. Some men's rings received engravings, but very few contained diamonds. However, as more and more men get diamond rings, popular metal types to complement the diamonds include platinum, 14k gold, and 18k gold.

For men who work with their hands, platinum is a great fit. Platinum is scarce. If you took all the platinum ever mined and tried to fill a swimming pool, it would only be ankle deep. All the gold ever mined in history would fill three swimming pools. If you must choose between rose, white, or yellow gold, 14k gold is more durable since there is more metal alloy. 18k gold contains more gold and is therefore softer.

Platinum will be wondrous for men who work with their hands and need something hypoallergenic. White gold is a cheaper alternative but will look great nonetheless since it includes rhodium, a member of the platinum family. Rose gold is not a standard ring color for men, but it can add a unique zest to the right diamond and make the groom stand out just a bit more.

What types of diamonds look good on a man's hand?

Diamonds can be masculine. Whether it's a simple eternity band or a simple fancier cut, such as a princess cut, certain types of diamonds look great on a man's ring. At King of Jewelry, you might find some of the following ring styles and designs for men:

  • Eternity band rings or round cut diamonds.
  • Channel diamond settings.
  • Emerald cuts.
  • Asscher cuts.
  • Yellow canary gold diamond settings.

Channel settings are particularly effective for displaying diamonds on a men's ring. A channel setting for certain types of diamonds adds a zest of sparkle and glamor. Not only are the stones recessed, but it's also doubtful that the diamonds will ever become loose or break off. Additionally, a channel setting of a diamond cut will add a flavor of cosmopolitanism to the ring's setting.

How much will you spend on a men's diamond ring?

Historically, men's engagement and wedding bands cost less than the bride's. At King of Jewelry, some men's diamond rings start at about $1,500 and go up. Many factors impact the cost of a men's diamond ring:

  • The color quality of the diamond.
  • The cut of the diamond and how much rough diamond is left intact.
  • The clarity of the diamond.
  • The type of metal used in the ring setting.

Saving for a men's wedding ring will depend upon the couple. Some couples may set up a joint savings account to purchase their rings. If the woman is proposing, she may choose to set up a savings account or financing to buy the ideal ring. Here are some tips that will help you purchase a men's diamond ring:

  • Find a safe financial medium for saving, such as a savings account intended only for the ring.
  • Start saving earlier, so you only have to put a small amount of money aside each month.
  • Start shopping together so that you find a price.
  • Look for jewelers that offer payment options, such as King of Jewelry.
  • Always consult with your significant other to be happy with their final product.

Making the proposal

Even though men and women play more equal roles in a relationship, it is still exceedingly rare for the female partner to propose. The female partner makes less than one percent of all marriage proposals. If you are the female partner in a relationship and you are making the proposal, here are a few guidelines to take into account:

  • Consider the other partner's stance on the issue.
  • Make their ideal proposal by making sure you have purchased the right ring.
  • Choose a location and occasion that are meaningful.
  • It's okay for the proposal to be a little bit unconventional.

One of the essential rules when proposing is to keep the door open for him to come back and make his proposal when the time is right.

Is there a correct way to wear a men's diamond ring?

Men typically wear the engagement ring on the ring finger of their left hand. However, many new trends are emerging:

  • Some men will wear their engagement ring on the fourth finger of their right hand.
  • Others might place their engagement or wedding ring on a chain to wear around their neck.
  • Some wear their engagement or wedding ring as close to their heart as possible, like on their third finger.
  • Many people feel their diamond ring is too valuable to wear daily and will only wear it on special occasions.

Work with King of Jewelry to find the right men's diamond ring

If you are shopping for an engagement or wedding ring, consider purchasing a men's diamond ring. In recent years, diamond rings are becoming more popular than plain metal bands. King of Jewelry has several different designs and styles just for him. In business since 1999, King of Jewelry will help you find the right men's diamond ring for the appropriate occasion. No matter the individual, the King of Jewelry has an appropriate setting for the man in your life.