Top 10 Reasons To Choose a Hidden Halo Diamond Ring

If you’re familiar with a halo diamond ring and are considering a purchase, you should definitely take a look at a hidden halo diamond ring. The key difference between the two is that when you look at the ring from the top, you won’t be able to see the halo. However, when you view the ring from virtually any side angle, the hidden halo will make the diamond appear up to 15% larger. These rings are stylish, classy, and will stand out on the ring finger of the person who is wearing them. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you might want to purchase a hidden halo diamond ring.

Reason #1: You want to break with tradition

Regular diamond halo rings have been around for quite some time. In recent years, the hidden halo has become more attractive and popular. It’s a great way for someone to make their ring stand out a little bit more and make the halo stand out. These hidden halo diamond rings also look great with certain colored diamonds, primarily D, E, and F color grades. At King of Jewelry, you will find hidden halo diamond rings that stand out with just the right color grade.

Reason #2: Some of the most popular celebrities have worn them

Some popular celebrities have worn hidden halo diamond rings. These celebrities include:

  • Nicole Ritchie
  • Olivia Wilde
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Hailie Bieber
  • Jasmine Tookes

These rings are stylish, and help accentuate an engagement or wedding.

Reason #3: They are a great way to make a proposal or a wedding itself stand out

Hidden halo diamond rings are used for proposals, the actual wedding, and on some occasions can be used to commemorate a significant anniversary or relationship milestone. Some people will opt to purchase a hidden halo for an engagement and then get a smaller, less elegant wedding band later. Others will purchase a less elaborate engagement ring and then purchase a hidden halo ring for the actual wedding.

Reason #4: Virtually any type of diamond will look good on a hidden halo ring

If you have a preference of diamond cut, it will most likely look good on a hidden halo ring. Emerald, princess, asscher cuts, and virtually any type of cut will make your ring stand out. In fact, you may find that your ring looks even more brilliant. A baguette cut might be a more affordable ring option, but will look more brilliant because it is set on a hidden halo ring.

Reason #5: Your hidden halo diamond ring will look like it has more carats than what it really does

If your diamond looks 15% larger than what it really is because it is on a hidden halo, that translates into karats as well. On average, a diamond set on a hidden halo engagement ring will look like it is .5 karats larger. Some people might elect to go with a double halo, which can make your diamond actually look 1 karat larger than what it really is.

Reason #6: Hidden halo rings have a “2 to 1” appeal”

Your hidden halo ring will look like it is a solo setting from the top and a traditional halo setting from the side. This will catch other people’s eyes when you wear your ring to a formal occasion.

Reason #7: Hidden halo rings are a great investment

Hidden halo rings are going to be a truly lavish engagement ring or wedding band. The unique setting makes them stand apart from regular bands and will truly commemorate the momentous significance of your proposal or your wedding. Sometimes, hidden halo rings will feature a diamond that is just short of the critical weight. This lets the jeweler focus more on making the other diamonds in the halo to stand out, making the setting appear even more elegant.

Reason #8: There is a metal that is just for you

Some people elect to go with either white gold or platinum. These are both eloquent metals. The platinum makes the hidden halo a little bit more accessible for those who are active in their daily life because it is a slightly stronger metal. Other people may opt to go for the white gold because it’s not as expensive of a metal.

Reason #9: Hidden halos do have a very noble tradition

Some people choose to break from tradition and go with the hidden halo because they are attracted to it over something else. However, halo rings can be traced back to the Georgian era (1714 to around 1820) and had an explosion in popularity during the Victorian era. Halo rings finally became super popular during the 1920s because of their geometry and symmetry.

Reason #10: Hidden halos make the day seem all the more glamorous

A perfectly set hidden halo diamond will look great on a woman’s finger during the wedding day. For an outdoor wedding, the sun will catch the glimmer of the diamond just right. During an indoor wedding, the diamond will also look stunning and add brilliance to the occasion. Hidden halo rings are not as common as other types of diamond settings, but have a sense of uniqueness that will make the day seem just right.

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