Trendy Diamond Bridal Sets: 10 Stunning Styles for the Gorgeous Bride

It is a long-standing tradition all over the world to seal one’s promise of love with a diamond ring. An engagement ring for the proposal and a wedding ring for the actual tying of the knot. For decades, the common practice has been to get the engagement ring first and the wedding ring later. In recent years, however, diamond bridal sets (also called wedding sets) have taken the world by storm.

So, what exactly are these sets all about?

A bridal set is a pair of rings that are designed to go together onto the bride’s ring finger. A set is made up of an engagement ring and a matching wedding band. A wedding set is just a simple variation – it includes the groom’s wedding band as part of the whole set.

Two basic types of bridal sets are available: parallel rings and integrated rings.

  1. Parallel Rings

Parallel Rings

These rings are practically similar to the traditionally styled individual diamond wedding rings. What makes them a set is usually a matching feature or coordinated design. Most of the time, the engagement ring will have a larger, more prominent stone, while the wedding band can be a plain metal band or encrusted with tiny stones. The wedding band is always kept a lot simpler than the engagement ring to allow the latter’s details to shine. Parallel rings are meant to be worn next to each other on the bride’s finger, but each ring can also stand on its own and be worn separately.

  1. Integrated Rings

An integrated ring set is an intricately designed pair of diamond wedding rings that are meant to fully complement each other, and are typically joined together in some way to complete the ring’s look. One cannot be worn without the other because it will look unfinished and give off an awkward, uneven effect. The attractiveness of integrated rings lies in their elaborate matching designs. Often, the engagement ring and wedding band are made to perfectly fit together so that they transform into a subtly layered ring. This resonates greatly with the romance and sentimentality associated with the occasion – a perfect symbol of unity and togetherness for the couple!

Trends to Inspire You

Diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and bridal sets – what are some of the popular trends to watch out for when looking to buy your wedding jewelry? Look at some distinctive features that have made it to our trend list:

  1. The Allure of Rose Gold

rose gold

Rose gold has remained firmly trendy as the precious metal of choice for rings in diamond bridal sets, and it doesn’t look that will change anytime soon. What does rose gold have going for it that other precious metals don’t? It’s the fact that its rosy, pinkish shade is flattering to all skin tones. The feminine, vintage feel of a rose gold ring also makes it a favorite of brides-to-be everywhere.

  1. Colored Diamonds

colored diamond

What’s that? Are there really colored diamonds? Why of course! In fact, natural fancy colored diamonds are even rarer than traditional colorless ones. These diamonds get their fancy color due to a naturally occurring reaction with another element present when the diamonds were formed. This does not happen very often, thus the gem’s rarity. But be warned, there are also color-treated diamonds that are chemically enhanced by people, not nature. That doesn’t mean color-treated diamonds are fake, but they’re drastically different in terms of price range, so don’t get duped into mistaking one for the other.

In addition, surrounding the primary gemstone in a halo of smaller diamonds has long been popular, but what’s really trendy is an uncommonly-shaped halo. Traditional styles are often round (see the rose gold example), square, or pillow-shaped, so rings that feature a different style are instantly refreshing.

  1. Intertwining Bands

3.	Intertwining Bands

Romantic couples love the symbolism of intertwining bands – to them it represents the promise of their lives being joined together as one.

  1. Twisted Bands

twisted band

Closely following the intertwining bands is the twisted band. In this example, the design breaks away from monotony by including a subtle twist towards the central diamond. Many diamond bridal sets incorporate simple design elements like this to distinguish the engagement ring from the wedding band and draw attention to the central diamond.

  1. Magical Swirls

magical swirl

Instead of a continuous, unbroken ring, the metal band splits in two to form a swirl around the central stone to form a setting that aligns with the prongs holding the stone in place. This can be turned into a bridal set by incorporating a wedding band that meshes with the swirl design so that the two pieces look like one whole ring.

  1. Vintage Inspiration

vintage inspiration

Vintage styles are still extremely trendy because it provides an aged appeal that can last through generations. This is the kind of ring you would be so happy to pass down to your children.

  1. Flowers for the Bride


For the nature-loving bride-to-be, floral details will mean a lot. A bridal set like this is the perfect wedding jewelry for her. Plus, the rose gold band and the contrasting blue diamond give this style a truly unique vibe.

  1. Split Shanks

Split Shanks

Split shanks let you break away from the traditional thin, metal band without being too elaborate. This design curves around the central diamond in a swirly, almost floral shape to give a stunning effect. The split shanks also allow for more of the tiny gemstone accents and thus, more sparkle!

  1. Sparkly Stacks

9.	Sparkly Stacks

One of the most fun and popular designs is the stacked bridal set. You can stack your diamond wedding rings rings on top of each other on your finger, and you can even add more to commemorate further precious moments in your life togethe

  1. Three of Diamonds

three of diamond

Rather than opting for a single solitaire or a ring of tiny diamonds in a pave setting, some ladies go for the diamond trio instead. The primary diamond is accented on either side with slightly smaller diamonds and all three are mounted on a metal band. What makes this example so interesting, though, is how the wedding set is completed. It looks like two gold bands are stacked to fit on either side of the engagement ring to form one, combined large ring that perfectly complements the design and two-tone color of the groom’s wedding band. Yes, you can totally find various ways of achieving your desired style while fully matching each other too!

What Makes Diamond Bridal Sets So Popular?

As you can see from our trend list, they are extremely stylish. Jewelry designers are constantly dreaming up new ways to incorporate diamonds and precious metals into stunning designs that take your breath away. Because the ring and the band are designed to closely match each other, bridal sets can sometimes get away with very non-traditional styles compared to the usual separate ring and band.

Bridal sets are exceedingly practical. Going for a bridal set can help you save on cost, since you are technically buying two or more rings at a package price. Compared to the total cost of buying three separate rings, getting a whole set at a lower cost is the more attractive option. Furthermore, it eliminates the hassle of taking separate trips to different jewelry shops. You can go to just one and get a bridal set, and you’re good to go. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally choosing mismatching shapes, metals, or styles – because they come in a set, they’re already designed to match!