What Does a Three-Stone Diamond Ring Symbolize?

Three-stone diamond rings are popular settings. These rings, generally speaking, consist of three diamond settings. Typically, a large center stone has a smaller diamond set on both sides. Three-stone diamond rings are popular as engagement rings. Some people may use them as a wedding band. A unique use of the three-stone diamond ring sometimes happens when people renew their vows. Let's take a look at some of the different meanings that are conveyed with a three-stone diamond ring.

History of the Three-Stone Diamond Ring Setting

The three-stone diamond ring setting is not new. Historically, it's tied to the Georgian Era (1830-1837), Victorian Era (1820-1914), and was also extremely popular during the 1930s to 1950s. Historically, many different types of gemstones were used in early three-stone ring settings. During the 1960s and 1970s, the three-stone diamond ring was primarily fancy cut diamonds paired with a baguette. This is the "traditional" three-stone diamond ring look that many people purchase today, but you'll find many different cuts on three-stone rings based upon people's preferences and taste.

DeBeers is given credit for pioneering the three-stone diamond ring as ring buyers know it today. By marketing it as the "Past, Present, and Future Ring," DeBeers is largely responsible for the hype that this ring has achieved over the past twenty years.

What Does a Three-Stone Diamond Ring Mean?

The "Past, Present, and Future" ring is only the surface meaning conveyed by a three-stone diamond ring. For different couples, a three-stone diamond ring can convey a variety of meanings. The largest stone on the three-stone diamond setting often symbolizes the present moment that the couple lives in, while the smaller stones represent the past and future. When someone makes a proposal with a three-stone diamond ring, they typically incorporate the following elements into their proposal:

  • A memory of the past.
  • A reflection on the present moment.
  • A hope or goal for the future of the relationship.

There are other meanings that can be conveyed with a three-stone diamond ring. For those who are spiritual, the three stones can represent the Holy Trinity, with the center stone representing the Father, and the smaller two stones representing the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The three-stone diamond ring can also symbolize the connection of the families brought together as part of the engagement. The smaller stones can represent the families of the bride and groom, with the larger stone representing the new family that is being formed. If a new couple plans on having their first child within a few years, the three-stone diamond ring can also represent the new family.

For others, the three stones on the diamond symbolize friendship, love, and fidelity. These are the foundations of any relationship.

Are Three-Stone Diamond Rings For Engagements Only?

Three-stone diamond rings are not just for engagements only. Some people will purchase a three-stone diamond ring for occasions like vow renewals. There are also three-stone diamond rings set in an eternity band. An eternity band is primarily given for occasions like significant anniversaries, events in a marriage (such as the birth of a child), or for when someone reaches a particular milestone in their life. Three-stone diamond rings are popular and are used for a wide variety of different occasions. Some couples will even augment their three-stone engagement ring with a birthstone ring as their family grows over the years.

What Types of Metals and Cuts Are Most Popular on a Three-Stone Diamond Ring?

There are certain cuts that are tested and true for the three-stone diamond ring setting. These include the emerald, oval, round, and princess cuts. For some rings, the outer two stones will be of a different cut than the centerstone. Two smaller oval cuts might nicely go with an emerald cut centerstone. Some rings will have three similar cuts on all three stones. Here are some possible combinations to consider when choosing cuts for your three-stone diamond ring:

  • Your perfect stone plus two: If you get an emerald cut, as an example, you can surround the emerald centerstone with two smaller round cuts.
  • Three peas in a pod: You can get three exact cuts as your diamonds, with the outer two stones being smaller.
  • Traditional round cuts: Round stones will always complement your centerstone nicely, no matter what the centerstone cut is.

In terms of metal, there are a wide variety of colors and considerations to choose from. Let's say that you have three really bright diamonds that are almost colorless. A platinum metal band will look great to augment the centerstone.

Are you considering a yellow diamond as your centerstone? A yellow diamond will look beautiful as a centerstone surrounded by regular diamonds on a platinum metal ring. Yellow diamonds will create a more non-traditional three-stone diamond ring that will create an experience unique for the couple in question.

What will a three-stone diamond ring symbolize to you?

A three-stone diamond ring is a popular ring setting to go with. For some people, it symbolizes friendship, fidelity, and love. For others, it can symbolize family or spirituality. No matter what it symbolizes to you, the King of Jewelry is the partner you are looking for when choosing a jeweler. All of our diamonds are conflict-free, naturally mined diamonds. You may prefer a custom setting or one of our ready-made rings. Purchase a three-stone diamond ring from King of Jewelry today.