What Is the Perfect Occasion for an Eternity Band?

What is an eternity band? A diamond eternity band is a beautiful reminder of the infinity of love, with diamonds circling the finger. This style of ring has been popular throughout history, with the strong symbolism of eternal love on full display. The diamond eternity band continues to be popular, as there are many occasions to gift someone an eternity band. 

Some of the most common occasions to give someone a diamond eternity band include weddings and milestone anniversaries to denote the importance of the relationship. However, there are also other important occasions to gift someone an eternity band. If you want to show someone the depth of your love, you'll want to consider gifting them an eternity band. We'll go over some common questions surrounding these types of rings, plus some of the best occasions to gift someone the eternity band.

What Is an Eternity Band?

An eternity band, commonly known as an eternity ring, is a band with diamonds carefully placed together in a continuous loop around the finger. The loop of diamonds is meant to symbolize neverending love. Because of the endless loop of same-sized diamonds around the finger, this style of ring has a lot of sparkle without being as flashy as a typical engagement ring that has one large center stone.

Due to their symbolism and lack of flashiness, these styles of rings are popular to gift for important romantic occasions like anniversaries or weddings. But they are also commonly gifted at other times as well. 

What Is a Half Eternity Ring?

One of the disappointing aspects of the eternity ring is that resizing is difficult. If your fingers tend to fluctuate, you want to pass the ring on to a family member, or you are gifting the ring to someone who is not done growing yet, then the half-eternity ring is the better option. With this option, you get the half loop of diamonds around the front of the band, with ample metal room in the back for resizing. 

Though the symbolism is in the continuous loop of diamonds, this option may be more practical for your situation. 

What Is the Average Cost of an Eternity Band?

Eternity bands come in a wide range of prices that depend on the diamonds you choose, the craftsmanship, and the metal of the band. Typically eternity bands cost nearly the same amount as an engagement ring. But prices can range from nine-hundred dollars to upwards of thirty thousand dollars or more. 

With such a wide range of options, it's important to come up with a budget and stick to it. You'll be able to find affordable options that look great and fit your budget with a little bit of time. A lot of couples choose to spend between fifty to one hundred percent of the engagement ring price on an eternity band. But your budget is entirely up to your own personal situation and preferences.

What Finger Do You Wear an Eternity Band?

There is not a predetermined finger that you must wear an eternity band. If you decide to go with an eternity ring as a wedding band, then you'll probably want to wear it on the appropriate finger. But otherwise, the choice is up to you. 

Since eternity bands are not able to be resized, you'll have to decide what finger you want to wear it on before submitting your sizing measurements to the jeweler. You'll also want to consider the diamond placement and setting, especially if you plan on stacking the ring along with your engagement ring or wedding band. 

What Diamonds Should You Choose?

You'll want to consider your price range first before deciding on a set of diamonds. You'll also want to consider the shape of the diamonds. Round diamonds are popular due to their sparkle and brilliance. But other shapes, like the Asscher or princess cut, are also good options for brilliance. Round-cut diamonds are typically more expensive, so going with a fancy-shaped diamond might be a good cost-effective option.

When picking out diamonds for the eternity band, you'll also need to consider the size. If you are planning on wearing your eternity band along with other rings, then you'll want to complement them. If you plan on wearing the ring as a stand-alone piece, then you might want a bolder look. Ultimately, it's up to your preferences what size diamonds you want for the ring. 

What Occasions are Perfect for Giving an Eternity Band?

While the most common occasions for gifting an eternity band are special romantic events like weddings and milestone anniversaries, there are plenty of other perfect times to gift someone an eternity ring. 

An eternity ring doesn't have to be gifted strictly at weddings or anniversaries. Another popular time to gift an eternity band is at the birth of a child. A lot of fathers gift an eternity band to new mothers to mark the occasion with a symbol of unending love and the circle of life. 

Someone might also choose to gift this type of ring on Valentine's Day or another holiday as a meaningful present. It can also be gifted at any time of the year for personal milestones, retirement, or you just want to make an everyday moment special. If you feel like this is a ring that someone special in your life would cherish, then any moment you choose will be the right one.

Ultimately, the eternity band is a versatile gift with incredible symbolism and meaning. If you want to show an expression of your love, there are plenty of opportunities to present your loved one with this ring. Even if you don't have a special occasion coming up in your life, you can gift this ring to make a holiday extra special or even just make an ordinary day important. If you're to start shopping, take a look at our collection of eternity bands.