When To Buy An Eternity Band

Eternity bands are essential to letting someone know they matter to you. These are rings set with a continuous band of identically cut diamonds. Traditionally, couples get eternity bands for a significant anniversary. However, people have recently purchased eternity bands for different milestones in their relationships. Let's look at the history of the eternity band and when it is an appropriate time to buy one.

What is the history of eternity bands?

Eternity bands go back thousands of years. However, some historians agree that the eternity band originated in Ancient Egypt. Early eternity bands were simple: a basic metal ring set with a continuous band of identically cut gemstones. It symbolized both eternal love and life. One significant example of an eternity band was the ouroboros. This design consisted of a serpent devouring its tail.

Today, diamonds are the most popular gemstone for an eternity band. For couples today, the diamond symbolizes the foundation upon which the relationship is built while signifying future possibilities. The modern eternity band originated with a household name in diamonds, the DeBeers diamond company.

When should you buy an eternity band?

People typically purchase diamonds for a significant anniversary. Traditionally, this is the 60th wedding anniversary, when couples have their "Diamond Anniversary." However, many couples are too anxious to wait long to give the gift of an eternity band. Therefore, various occasions make the perfect opportunity to provide an eternity band. These can include:

  • The birth of the first child in a relationship.
  • The first anniversary of marriage.
  • The tenth anniversary of marriage.
  • A milestone for the partner, such as career advancement.
  • When someone chooses to upgrade their wedding band or engagement band.

The birth of a first child in a relationship

Over the years, people tend to have children later. For example, in the 1970s, women typically had their first child at age 21. In the 21st century, that average age is up to 26. Some people also focus on their career and other aspects of life first. It's not unheard of for parents to be in their late 30s or early 40s when they have their first child. People also have fewer children. In the 1960s, couples typically had two children, while in 2020, couples typically will have one child. Since people now have fewer children and become parents later, it is more appropriate to give an eternity band to commemorate parenthood.

For virtually any anniversary

The average age of marriage has also increased in the past 30 years. Couples used to get married in their early twenties. For example, during the 1950s, women typically married at twenty and men at twenty-three. Today, couples frequently get married in their late twenties or early thirties. For many people, this is considered an early age for marriage. Since marriage tends to happen later in life, getting an eternity band for a significant anniversary in a couple's relationship is appropriate.

A significant milestone in a couple's path together

A significant milestone in a couple's path together can also be an appropriate calling for an eternity band. Here are some important milestones that might commemorate an eternity band:

  • Completing a considerable career achievement, such as an advanced degree or a promotion at work.
  • Purchasing a home.
  • Any other milestone that marks a significant life achievement.

Upgrading an existing wedding or engagement band.

Sometimes, people don't have the opportunity to buy an extravagant wedding band or engagement band early on in life. However, later in life, with established careers and solid financial footing, a couple can purchase an eternity band to replace the current ring.

What to look for when buying an eternity band

When selecting an eternity band, you want nothing but the best. First and foremost, you want to choose the best diamonds. You should select conflict-free diamonds whenever possible, as these types of diamonds are responsibly sourced. You will also want to select colorless diamonds, perhaps G or H, in terms of color.

Metal type is also an important determinant. Platinum is the highest-quality metal, but gold will also do nicely. 18k gold will consist of more gold, but a 14k gold ring will be highly durable. The metal type should be determined by how a person uses their hands. If they frequently plan on wearing their diamond, platinum, or 14k gold will resist wearing better over the years.

Picking out the perfect eternity band

King of Jewelry has an eternity band for virtually everyone. Since an eternity band is a unique type of purchase, here are a few tips that will help you select the perfect eternity band:

  • Make sure to choose the proper size. Our sizing chart will help you select the eternity band that will last a lifetime.
  • Consider stopping in at jewelers in your area before placing an online purchase. Seeing many different eternity bands will help you find the perfect design from King of Jewelry.
  • Shop with your partner. An eternity band is a purchase that couples frequently make together.
  • Plan on saving money to find the right of eternity band. An eternity band is a significant investment that will sometimes cost a little more than your wedding band did.

Choose King of Jewelry for your eternity band needs.

Work with King of Jewelry if you plan on purchasing an eternity band for your partner soon. Our diamonds are responsibly sourced, and you will find beautiful and unique designs you will not find elsewhere. We also pride ourselves on customer service and deliver your finished ring safely wherever you are.