3 Stone Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

In essence, a radiant cut diamond is a square or rectangular gemstone with slightly cropped corners that give it a characteristic eye-catching sparkle.

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Radiant Cut Diamond Rings

The radiant cut engagement rings are excellent choice for those who want a sophisticated combination of the brilliant and emerald cuts. It presents the same fire and shine as a round brilliant, except that it is rectangular or square. This cut has rounded corners and the facets are assembled into a pattern that resembles cracked ice. A radiant cut engagement ring can be single solitaire or set with side stones like Halo radiant cut engagement ring or hidden halo radiant cut engagement ring. When choosing your ring, you should take the number of facets into consideration. The most popular pattern consists of 62 facets, although some radiant cut patterns have 70 or more facets. A pattern with 62 includes 25 facets on the crown, 29 on the pavilion, and 8 on the girdle. Make sure you choose a radiant cut diamond ring that doesn’t have a facet misalignment, as this will increase the bowtie effect.

If you are considering a fancy color diamond, then this the radiant cut is the best choice. The proportioning, shape, and pattern enhance the color. Whether you want fancy yellow, pink, or blue, a radiant cut diamond ring will show the color evenly throughout the diamond. In addition to the cut and color, other factors you need to think about when buying a radiant cut diamond rings are the carat and the clarity. Keep in mind that bigger stones aren’t always the best, since some of them have rather noticeable inclusions. Sometimes the smaller diamonds offer the best clarity, depending on how well they are cut. You must choose quality over size when buying a radiant cut diamond ring. If you really do want a large ring, you could always choose a radiant cut with side stones. There are so many styles to choose from, be sure to take your time in picking the perfect ring from our selection.