Once thought to be inferior, yellow or canary diamonds has since become one of the most sought-after types of diamonds as more and more Hollywood celebrities sport expensive canary diamond engagement rings. A true diamond connoisseur considers the rare canary diamond engagement ring as the ultimate diamond and the most valuable. Canary diamond engagement rings are almost always associated with big sports celebrity and Hollywood names like Paris Hilton, Dennis Quaid, Heidi Klum, and Johnny Damon, among others. The ultimate in stylish sophistication, fancy yellow diamond engagement rings definitely catch the attention of everyone around the wearer. Choosing a gorgeous canary diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice for women who love to possess unique beauty and be the center of attention. “

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Take note that canary yellow diamond engagement rings are extremely rare, and that some jewelers will not sell one in their lifetime. Make sure that when you buy a canary diamond engagement ring you do careful research. Be sure to apply the 4 Cs of diamond quality to the ring before purchase.