Our fine selection of eternity diamond rings signifies the everlasting love between you and your partner. Please feel free to click on the pictures for corresponding rings of that style.

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Eternity Diamond Rings

Eternity diamond rings are the perfect way to express your love. Not only do they look beautiful from any angle, eternity diamond rings also make ideal wedding bands to accompany an engagement ring. Unlike other diamond wedding bands, eternity diamond rings have diamonds around the entire circumference of the band. This means that the eternity diamond ring band will always look perfectly in place, even if the ring turns and twists around the finger as they normally do during the course of the day. Many brides opt to replace their diamond engagement ring with a simple but stunning eternity diamond ring that they receive on their wedding day. Thanks to their low profile, eternity diamond rings are easy and manageable to wear every day. They also make a beautiful style statement with their endless row of sparkling diamonds, without being too over the top.

King of Jewelry is proud to carry a fine selection of beautiful eternity diamond rings for our customers to choose from. All of our eternity diamond rings are offered at wholesale prices to the public, making it possible for couples to purchase their dream wedding ring within their budget. King of Jewelry carries different styles of eternity diamond wedding bands that include emerald cut diamond eternity bands, round cut diamond eternity bands and princess cut diamond eternity bands. There is no better compliment to a woman’s finger than a row of sparkling diamonds, which is why our eternity diamond rings make the perfect wedding band.

Diamond Eternity Bands

Diamond eternity bands are characterized by a band with a full circle embellishment of diamonds. This symbolizes undying love between two people, and as so, the diamond eternity ring is a popular choice for adoring couples. Many couples purchase these rings because they’re tastefully subtle through the absence of a large center gemstone. Nonetheless, all of the diamond eternity rings we offer here on King of Jewelry possess a unique and stunning beauty that will last a lifetime.

We have a number of different diamond eternity band styles. Our diamond and sapphire eternity wedding bands have a wonderful regal quality about them and are truly breathtaking. Ranging from 2.50 carats to 4.50 carats, these rings exhibit gorgeous princess and round cut diamonds with an alternating sequence of sapphires and larger princess cut diamonds. No matter what angle the ring is viewed from, the gems of this band will shimmer exquisitely.

We also have four other styles for the diamond eternity ring, including the emerald cut four prong, full round cut, emerald cut shared prong, and the full princess cut. Please click on pictures for more rings of the desired diamond eternity band style, and of course, feel free to browse our collection of quality diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings as well.